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Fluffed it

15 June 2006

I think I fluffed it. I know I said this last time but last time at least I felt the interview went well. This time it started with the test (last time that was the last thing to do). I feel extremely bad about the test. For starters because I did not finish it. But also because I just did not know what to make of it.

The interview was a bit….well….difficult. And I think I ruined it when they asked me how I would prioritise having 7 different things going on at the same time. I messed up explaining that one completely. I am sure I left them with the impression that I do not like to be put under pressure and that I like things to be handed to me one by one. I saw the look on their faces when I fluffed it up.

Shame. I asked them why I did not get it last time. They said the girl who got it had more exact experience but that I had come second and would have been offered the job had the other girl declined. Nice to know. This time I feel it did not go so well during the interview.

They asked why I was still in my current job, 4 months after I told them I really wanted a new job. I explained that I had not been looking much lately as it was very very busy and I had promised the new boss to hang around until she had trained the new Sales Manager who is joining us next week. Loyalty, basically.

They had not advertised the job in the press this time. Only on their own website. About 5 people have applied and they will let me know in 7 working days.

But I think, again, my lack of knowledge about the agricultural sector will let me down.

On the nice side, my boss texted me to wish me good luck and said: Be confident. Make sure they are good enough for you to want to work there.

Maybe she is not so bad after all. Actually, I know she isn't. It was all just a matter of us both getting used to the new working style after Old Boss left.

I WANT that job. I REALLY REALLY want it.



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