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Got the interview!

13 June 2006

Yay!! I got an interview for this job I applied for!! Now I am getting really nervous. I had to take the afternoon off to do the interview and when my colleague asked if I was doing anything nice that afternoon, I just said: Erhm....stuff. She immideately said: Oooh....where is the interview and who is it with.....:)

I explained the whole situation:

- 1st interview. Did not get job but was told I was fantastic and could they keep my details.
- 4 weeks later: phonecall to see if I would still be available for the job as they were restructuring the department and might have a place for a similar position.
- 4 weeks after that: Phonecall to let me know they had reviewed the department's needs and decided they needed another Press & PR Officer. The vacancy was about to be published on their website and they wanted to let me know I could apply if I wanted to.(Note: this time I did not see it published in the local press where I found the ad last time)
- This Thursday: job interview.

My colleague's reaction was: They have created a job for you.

I am getting nervous now. Last time I had to do a test and found it really difficult. I have already been told I will have to do the whole thing again: interview and then a test. What if my really good test was just a fluke? What if I just struck lucky? I really just bluffed my way through it (I thought).

Also, I have a dilemma. The last test revolved around the use of peat. I did not know that word so I had to be very general about the words I used, knowing roughly what peat was but not 100% sure. Peat could be turf but that is not exactly the same etc.

So this time, I am considering bringing a dictionary. If I do, I will have to inform them of this as you are not allowed any items in the room when you do the test. If I were to get the job, I would keep a dictionary on my desk, just to make 100% sure I understand the meaning of some words. To me, that just means I am thorough, rather than insecure. However, if I were to keep the dictionary handy during the test, would that make them think my command of English is not enough to do the job?

What do you think? Take the dictionary, ask if I can use it and hope they see it as a sign of wanting to be thorough, or not use it and run the risk of getting into trouble with words I might not know?



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