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07 June 2006

I am now officially Civilly Partnered (Married, I mean) to JD. Yippee. It was wonderful. How dare people deny me the right to stand in front of all my family and loved ones and say: This is the woman I love and this the woman I want to spend my life, or at least a good part of it, with.

It seems that George Bush has finally bitten the dust on the issue of trying to amend the constitution to ban gay marriages. This nitwit keeps saying he does not feel the federal government should interfere with state affairs. Except of course when it suits him and his Christian God Squad, the Happy Clappers.

US Senate blocks gay-marriage ban.

People do not realise it is not just the gays and lesbians who are under threat from this lunatic. He grants internships in the White House ONLY to pupils from a strictly religious school, does not fund family planning, unless they tell kids not to have sex at all, he does not give aid to Africa unless they
tell people not to have sex at all. He is dangerous in many more ways than people think.

Oh hang on, this was a post about my wedding. Well, it was lovely. And I have the ring to prove it! Stick that up your ass, you religious freaks.


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