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26 June 2006

Well, that was a short-lived World CUp for the Dutch team. Oh well, it was boring enough to have to watch onmy own, without any other orange idiots around me. It is a shame we did not get much further in the tournament but it was obvious that the young side misses experience to be smart and calm when needed, instead of trying to attack attack attack all the time.

Am more pissed off about the fact that some wanker felt he had to break off the orange flag I was proudly flying on the car. Why don't people keep their hands of other people's property? It really pisses me off. Out of revenge, I will not support England. Well, I will only support England out of love for JD. But christ, England are boring me to death this tournament. No passion, no good football, no red cards, nothing. Just boring. They won't last long this tournament. Shame. Now there is nobody left to cheer for.

I will pack up my orange goodies until Euro 2008. See you then.


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