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World Cup Madness

13 June 2006

I have a little Orange flag on my car. Just to make sure they know I am not English. So far the world cup has been fun. Having been away from Holland for 3 years, I am not sure I have a bond with this national team. So I don't know what to expect. Their first match was, according to some, really good. I found it nerve wrecking!

In their infitine wisdom, FIFA have decided today the close the roof of one of their stadiums. Earlier, it turned out a video screen in the middle of the stadium created a huge shadow on the pitch (Jeez, I could have come up with that! Just look at the picture!!). FIFA's response was not to remove the ugly contraption but to close the roof of the stadium so no sunlight could come in. FIFA said: Creating extra shade will make it cooler for the players and the fans. Clearly forgetting there will be 45,000 fans breathing for 2 hours underneath a metal & glass roof. Sounds more like a greenhouse to me.

Especially with FIFA's refusal to have drinks breaks during the matches, this is bordering on irresponsible. It is 37 degrees inside the stadiums for crying out loud.

I am really really excited about this whole World Cup thing and I will most definately be looking to watch more Holland matches with other Dutch people, if I can find them!! Anyone living near Birmingham? Have car, will travel.


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