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10 July 2006

Holland did not win the world cup, Zidane gave a racist Italian a headbutt and got sent off and Italy is world champion. ANything else happen overhere? Nope.

I got an award from the rugby team again. This time for Club Woman of the year. That award goes to the person who has done most to promote the club and who has done a lot of work to keep the team/club going. Obviously a mistake to give it to me but hey-ho, so far I have 2 awards for 2 years of playing rugby. Not bad.

The sponsor I had for the club's website has vanished. He literally no longer replies to my emails. Yet somebody is doing some stuff on the webserver so I can not just wipe it all out and start all over.

However, anyone here have any experience with Joomla! or Mambo? If so, then please help me out to set up our new website. Perhaps your company wants to sponsor us in exchange for a nice website?

Anyone? Hello??????


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