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24 July 2006

JD & I escaped to Wales for the weekend. It was lovely and hot. We arrived in Barmouth on Friday night, 11pm!! Honestly, the bendy, winding roads of Wales slow you down but not to 20mph surely? The guy in front of us certainly seemed to think so and I was eating my steering wheel in anger by the time we got to the campsite.
The reception is closed but there is a phone number for late arrivals.

The guy on the phone said: We don't take new campers at 11pm. But I rang you earlier today and a lady said I could arrive late? We have no lady working here. But but but....what do I do now? Don't know but I don't take any new people at this time of night. You would wake up the kids from the other guests.

I had a bit of a rant at him and then hung up.

And there we were. Lost in Wales. But thank goodness, just down the road is another campsite. They happily take us at 11pm. And with a bit of embarrassement, I realise it was this campsite that I rang earlier in the day and not the other one. So I ranted at the poor bloke for no reason.....oops.

Being late, we had no real choice of pitch and in the dark, we picked the steepest hill on the campsite. Needless to say JD & I slept very little, trying not to roll down the hill.

In the morning, we picked up the tent and walked down the hill to a nice flat spot. The weather was lovely and we had a nice weekend. On Sunday, we went swimming inthe ocean and spent the next 3 hours bodyboarding. I really did not want to go home.

It is so nice to just get away from things, even if it is only for a few days. Walking around on a campsite, bare feet in the grass, cooking on a single-burner Camping Gaz-thing, sleeping in a hot tent, no cold food, melted cheese in your tent, walking down to the beach.....how can anyone NOT like camping?


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