18 July 2006

Oprah is not gay

...there is just no word to explain her relationship with Gayle King.

Fair enough. There are many women, especially in African countries, who live together like husband and wife (with or without sex) who would never consider themselves gay. It would be kind of cool if Oprah came out (why has she never married her long-time lover Steadman, I wonder???) but I agree: there are friendships between women that can not be explained within the normal terms of friendship or lover. Perhaps the word Soulmate was made more for that kind of relationship?

However, this is not the first time Oprah feels the need to let the world know she is not gay. After appearing the the Coming Out episode of Ellen in 1997, she also made sure everyone knew she was not gay. It appeared that everyone felt she was 'guilty by association'. Merely appearing on Ellen made her suspect. Duh!

I am still waiting for Whitney Houston to come out. But I am not holding my breath.

Update: Hmmmm... I am getting worried about Oprah's motives now. Found another website of someone who went to a taping of The Oprah Show in 2005. After the show, Oprah, once again, explained to the audience that she is not gay. Yes, we get the picture now.

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