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Pay Rise!

31 July 2006

Yay! I have just been given a pay rise! The board of directors agreed that I have seriously improved my work standards and that I have stepped up to the challenge when I got a new boss. It it true that I now work harder and do more. I am less unhappy. But that does not mean I am happy with my job.

I feel a bit of guilt though. My new boss has pushed hard to get me this pay rise, even if it is, in her word,s not as much as she had hoped for. She has plans for me to get more responsibilities so she hopes that in the future, there will be even more money in the pot for me.

Then why the guilt?

Well, last week, one of the other managers in the business needed help. All her admin support was sick or on holiday. So for that week, I moved in to her part of the building. We had a fantasitc week. Very very stressfull but so much fun. Obviously helped by the fact that I was not sitting alone all day, but still, I had good fun and did fun work. She mentioned she could do with a side kick and would I be interested....(This was before my boss told me of the pay rise). I said yes as it would make me more autonomous, more of a trouble shooter (something I am really good at), closer to assistant manager or something like that and I would be working for a friend, rather than a boss. (I know many people think that is a bad idea but I personally prefer it because I feel 'guilt-bound' to help my friend and do a good job for her. It is just the way I work).

So she promised she would float the idea with the directors because she really needs a side-kick.

The same directors who only a few days ago decided that I deserved a pay rise in my current job. The pay rise my current boss had asked for because I was doing so well....

I spun a web.....and now for the entanglement.....


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