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17 July 2006

Today I finally bought my first scratch card. I do not buy lottery tickets or scratch cards because they are a waste of money and you never really win much. Once you start, it is hard to stop, hoping you will win with the next one you buy.

But I support the London 2012 Olympics and the easiest way to donate money to the cause is the buy a scratch card. They cost £2 per card so, on an impulse today at the petrol station, I bought 2, donating a grand total of £4 to the Olympic Cause.

Unfortunately for them, they now owe me £16 as I bought a winning scratch card!! Yay! I matched the Golden Ring. It is a little cheap for £16 but hey, it is still a win. So instead of donating £4 to the cause, they are now £12 worse off. Does that mean I should spend that £12 on more scratch cards? If I don't, then the whole purpose of me buying one in the first place makes no sense......


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