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29 August 2006

Thank the Lord. JD has finished her disseration and life has returned, more or less, to normal again in our house. No longer are weekends sacrificed to the God of Education. They are now spent doing things together again. It has been really difficult for both me and JD but I think we have learned lessons for next time.

Next time, I hear you say? Yes. JD wants to do a Phd. to become Dr. D. This takes another 3 year (ARRRGGGHHH) of studying. Not something I look forward to but I guess if we both take the lessons we hav learned this time around, things should be a lot easier.

But now, we are off to Holland for a long weekend. My folks are celebrating their 1000-or so-year wedding anniversary and we are going back to Vlieland. As a very young child, I spent a few holidays there. Most of the time I was too young to remember but I have seen the pictures and I look quite happy in most of them. My sister is extremely excited because she remembers much more than I do. She remembers running along the beach in the pouring rain, playing in the playground on the wooden see-saw etc.

The playground has now probably been made "child-friendly" (read: all risk of getting a scratch has been removed for fear of a law suit) with plastic equipment instead of the nice big wooden beams we used to play with.

Hopefully the weather will hold. The islands in the north of Holland are not known for their good weather.

In fact, a few years ago, they demanded that the weathermen on TV & radio stopped saying that the weather in the country was going to be fine, except for the Islands! They felt this was giving them a bad reputation. They wanted him to simply say: In most of the country, the weather will be fine. According to them, this covered the weathermen for any eventualities of bad weather.......


In the mean time, have a look at the website for my rugby club, Old Leamigntonians RFC. I have been working really hard on it and I am almost pleased with the result. All I need now is for the design to be changed and make it look a bit more rugby-like.


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