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OutsidePride update

10 August 2006

I couldn't resist and I wrote the lovely people of Outside Pride an email:

Dear Outside Pride people,

First of all I want to express my support for all the staff who now have to mop up the mess Mr. Hake has created with his email rant. You are the ones who have to wade through the spam, which I am sure will not be landing in HIS email box but in yours.

As opposed to Mr. Hake though, I am not afraid to supply you with a return email address. And since your website promises to send me a reply as soon as possible, I will be looking out for a response soon.

I want to strongly object against his email in general. Quite aside from the homophobic content of the message, he has violated the privacy of your clients by abusing the mailing list to further his own personal agenda of hate.

I am interested to know how many of your clients actually appreciate getting this email, even if they do agree with the contents of it.

Further more, I am quite worried about the mental health of his children. He seems to consider Cold Case and Without a Trace to be Family Viewing. We ARE talking about two police shows that discuss rape, murder, sexual abuse and graphic scenes of violence, right? Or is he talking about different shows? These shows are on later in the evening so his children must be going to bed quite late. This is something the Child Protection Services might be interested in as it may be seen as neglect and bad parenting?

I am interested in the textbooks about homosexuals. Can he please give me some titles so that I can buy them for my children and educate them on the contributions gay men & women have made to the United States? Especially when it comes to gardening, I think you will find a large number of gays & lesbians who have really pushed the sector forward.

Can you also please let Mr. Hake know that he really should check his spelling and grammar before sending out emails to his clients? It is so unprofessional to have obvious mistakes in your corporate communication.

CBS is not a public broadcaster so sending them complaints about public broadcasting will only make them laugh.

Now I am not a Christian-phobe but I must really strongly object to Mr. Hake using his mailing list to further his own agenda. I am not asking for his opinion about private matters. I really do not want him to flaunt his religion in my face. What he does behind closed doors is his free choice, but do not try to convince me that believing we were all created by some kind of spirit who can hear the individual prayers of 2 billion people 24/7 and answer them all, is normal behaviour.

I personally think that he needs help so that he can learn to understand the error of his way. So that he can learn to make his own choices and not shun all responsibilities by saying: it is what God says. Because God does not say gays are wrong. Remember David, who loved his friend more than he loved a woman?

I think Christians are brainwashed, deluded and sick.

But I am not using my mailing list to spam thousands of people with that thought.

I look forward to a response from Mr. Hake. A personal response would be appreciated, not some standard one that everyone gets.

Kind regards,


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