09 October 2006

New job

Well, it has taken me a while to get back to writing something here (too much time spent on the website for the rugby club!!) but I am back (for how long, I don't know).

And I have a new job! I have finally managed to escape the clutches of my boring desk job. this job will require me to move to a new city. Not a problem. Northampton here I come. Apparently Northampton is much cheaper than Leamington Spa.

I shall now be working as a Creative Co-Ordinator for a Marketing agency. Sounds cool huh, but what the hell does it mean? No idea. I will be doing a large pat office management, organising the call-shoots for the creative people and whatever else one does in an office that is staffed by creative people whose job it is to be nothing but creative and think of nothing else.

I am looking forward to this immensely. Hopefully this will not mean that Ihave to give up playing for my current rugby club. In fact, one of the good things about the new job is that the office is only 10 minutes away from the Northampton Saints Rugby Stadium! Premiership rugby on my doorstep. Season Ticket here I come!!

More soon.