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07 November 2006

Instead of me leaving the band, the bass player has been told to leave. Turns out that he had a problem with me and that he was thinking of leaving anyway. The fiddle player then persuaded him to stay but when I decided to leave, it was a simple matter of him or me.

Now I did not really want it to become a him or me situation. After all, he apparently had a problem with me, I did not have a problem with him (I think). I just felt it was more his band than mine, hence I should be the one to leave if I was unhappy.

Turns out he felt like they were becoming my backing band, rather than a band without a leader where everyone is equally important. The problem is that this happens a lot when one person (me) is the one doing all the singing and talking on stage. He was more than happy to hide behind a speaker box on stage and let me do the talking. And yet, he was unhappy about me fronting the band on stage?

I am a little confused by all that. I admit I can be quite...well.....in your face. I have tried not to be like that too much and give other members of the band space to take the lead. But all too often I found that nobody wanted to take the lead, resulting in minutes of staring at each other, waiting for someone else to say: Let's get going.

I do not see the band as my backing band. But I AM the ONLY singer in the band. That makes me the focus of the band when we are on stage. That is not my fault, that is the way it is.

So in the end, the fiddle player called me and asked if I would stay if the bass player was to go. I said I would definately give it a shot. And so I am still in this band.

Let's see where this goes now. Hopefully we can now gel together a bit more, get a good new bassplayer in who can help to keep the drummer on track s othat I can ficus on singing and playing guitar and not sing, play guitar, remember lyrics, nod at the drummer when he needs to end the song or look at the fiddle player when it is time for his solo.

It will be interesting.

Stay tuned.


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