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08 November 2006

When I leave on Friday, I will have to surpress the urge to send some people in my company an email telling them how I really feel about them. Most people who work here are OK, some are exceedingly irritating and one of them has actually become a really good friend.

But one person stands out in a not so good way. He irritates the hell out of me. And not just me in fact. He is supposed to be Production Manager. I think he does not know what that actually means because he does not produce anything, nor does he manage anything.

He spends most of his time moaning to other people, dissing his line manager, telling everyone how he is so undervalued and poisoning the atmosphere in the business.

Many times people have insisted he gets fired and none of his managers have done so.

He will come into the Sales Office and try to find out how the Sales are going, what projects are we likely to get and wehat not. His excuse is that he needs to know what is in the pipeline so that he can order any parts required.

He never orders sweet fuck all, even when he DOES know. The person who will tel lhim what is in the pipeline will tell him in a weekly production meeting. But because he does not like that person, he comes to us and complains that nobody tells him anything.

He DOES know what is going on. Like everyone else, he too hears loads of stuff through the grapevine. But to him, that is not good enough. His issue is that he has not been told officially. He feels someone should sit him down and say: Here are all the jobs the sales team has quoted for, these are all their probabilities. Now go and prepare your stock.

But since it is not up to him to get stock sorted without the sales team being more than 50% sure of getting a job, he is only on a need-to-know basis for anything that is still under 50%.

Simple, right?

Well, not for Craig (name changed to protect the innocent, and myself). He moans and moans and gets upset when he finds out that someone else knows but not him. He could of course just come up and ask. And we will most likely tell him. But he doesn't. He waits and waits, then comes into the sales office and says: I need to ask you about so-and-so. I have heard things floating around but nobody tells me anything here so what can you tell me?

Fuck off Craig! Go and do everyone a favour: go and work for a different company and stop making mountains out of the tiniest piece of dust. He is a bitter, twisted man who actually disses the company to suppliers who come to the door delivering their goods....

His favorite line is: Nobody ever tells me anything here.

Well, Boo-Hoo! Perhaps it is because you are a fucking useless twat.

*rant over*

And this afternoon he told me he would be missing me when I had gone.



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