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Bloody Murder?

15 December 2006

This morning as JD and I walked out to the car, we noticed a pool of blood on the street, right on front of our house. The puddle looked like someone had smashed his/her head on the pavement and bled profusely. We were quite worried about this but what do you do? After all, we had heard no sirens in front of the house during the night so it could not have been a crime or accident that had required police presence.

We decided to wash it away with hot water and I went to work. JD rang to tell me she decided to call the police before washing the blood away and lo-and-behold, they told her to leave itt because there had been an incident reported in front of our house last night. Within 10 minutes the police arrived, cordoned off a section of the street and started to collect evidence from the scene.

In the end, they found a second pool of blood a bit further down the road and a bloody footprint. It turns out the victim is our upstairs neighbour. They are not sure what has happened to him but he is in hospital in a serius condition after indeed banging his head.

It looks like he smashed his head in front of our house on the pavement, then dragged himself along the road a bit and then was found by a lady and the police called.

That is probably the most exciting thing that has happened in my town in a very long time.


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