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05 December 2006

In some kind of weird lesbian fan-fiction scenario, I have today been compared to Kerry Weaver! There used to be a time where I would find this extremely nice and kind of cool. After all, who does nto want to be a red head, a doctor, a lesbian AND in a relatinship with the (in those days) ever-yummie Kim Legaspi (Elizabeth Mitchell)?

Now none of those things is of course the reason for me being called Weaver. No, it is much simpler and less exciting. I have rruptured some tendon/ligamentt in my foot at rugby this weekend. And so I am currently hobbling along with a crutch. I work in an office with all-blokes so I was a little surprised when one of them said: Do you ever watch ER, there is this doctor with a crutch, you remind me of her now.

Oh, it takes me back to the days when JD and I were only just getting to know each other. ER addicts we were. Rooting for Kim and Kerry to get together, shrug off the fear of being discovered and show us some good on-screen loving.

Oh well, one can dream. In the end, just as well that Kerry Weaver did not go witth Kim Legaspi. Because look at how Elizabeth Mitchell turned out: From hottie with curls to skinny woman with straight hair. Ugh!


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