21 December 2007

Christmas Time is here...

JD & I would like to wish you a very happy Christmas and a lovely 2008. Click here for our Christmas card to you:-)

So what has happened this year? Not much I guess. Or maybe actually quite a lot.

On the sporty-front first.

JD has finally fully quit rugby and thrown herself in to fencing with some gusto. She has talent, the people at her club seem to treat her as their little pet project (there are only very very few women fencers hence they are very keen for her to become a really good fencer). In true Jane-style, she has already offered her services as club secretary. She just can't help herself. JD has also won her first medal of her fencing career and I was just exploding with pride!

I have finally left Old Leamingtonians RFC and joined Olney RFC. Much closer to home, only a 15 minute drive instead of 50 minutes. So far I have managed to steer clear of offering my services for a committee position but I am sure I too will find myself volunteering for something next year. So far I have been doing reasonably well but as much as I hate to admit it, I think age is starting to creep up on my body. I have been out or down a few times with injuries. Pulled calf (twice, different), twisted ankle, huge bruises, painful shoulders and just general feelings of pain all over.

We moved from Leamington Spa to Northampton. A lovely bright little 2 bedroom flat with a lovely view over Northampton. The second bedroom serves as an office for JD because: she has started with her PhD!

In 3 years time, she will be Doctor Daniel. Still not sure what it is exactly she will be doing, but it has something to do with Corporate Social Responsibility. It is a hot topic in business at the moment so hopefully she will be able to get a good job at the end of it. Of course she just wants to keep learning and is thinking about a career as an academic or lecturer. Great. No money, lots of prestige!

And finally, I am now an auntie! After a lot of hard work and trying for a long time, my lovely sister gave birth to Federika, aka Bob in May. Bob is lovely and almost makes me want a baby myself. Almost. No completely. I am very proud of my sister and she is a wonderful mother to a lovely daughter.

A good year I guess. I hope it will be a good one next year as well. Merry Christmas.

05 December 2007

Call of Duty

I never understood computer games. They are not my thing, they still aren't and my eye-hand co-ordination is rubbish so I am never any good at them.

When I started working at Engine, I was first introduced to Call of Duty, a war-game they play here at the end of the day. For 20 minutes, everyone sits with their headphones on and tries to shoot each other. Wanting to fit in, I joined in with all the boys (no other women working here). We are now more than a year after I started working here. I am still completely rubbish at Call of Duty but boy is it fun. A bit of escapism after a day's hard work.

Trying to explain to JD what I do after work, I bought her a copy of Call of Duty a few months ago. ASDA offered COD1 for a mere £10. Unexpected result was that JD became totally hooked on the game and spent hours on end playing it. Since JD is better at almost anything she does, she excelled quite quickly and some days, it ate in to her studies.

And so it happened that a few weeks ago, JD told me she had removed Call of Duty from her PC because she realised she wasn't working hard enough. She was getting to the point of addiction I suppose. or simply too easily distracted by the availability of the game on her PC. After all, it is much more fun to play games than to study about Corporate Social Responsibility.

I thought it was a brave step. But it didn't last long. After a few weeks 'off Duty' she re-installed the game. This time on my PC so that she could play but with the little extra barrier of having to switch computers.

All went well. Until they released Call of Duty 4, Modern Warfare. Call of Duty has always been about WWII. All previous versions pitted you against the Germans. This time, they have brought the game into the 21st century.

For some reason, I am stupid and bought JD COD4 for her birthday last week. I already bought her fencing gear (of which more in a later post) but that seemed to pale in to comparison to the joy she showed when ripping the wrapping of COD4. She has not done much else since. Not a smart idea since the whole point of removing it from her PC in the first place was that she needed to study more and play less. Last night I had to drag her away from the PC when dinner was ready.

There is now a whole new meaning to the term War Widow. I know. I am one.

19 November 2007

But we're never gonna survive...

JD & I decided to go to Norfolk for the weekend. Well, not really the weekend, more like staying over for one night. Still, it is nice to be away from home for a change.

We checked in to the Black Boys Hotel in Aylsham which was nicely located in the town centre. It looked more than a bit shambolic when we were taken to our room and we exchanged some worried glances as the stairs creaked and the door to our room opened. The floor was not level, the room was very small, the bed was wonky and the wardrobe looked like it was about to fall over. But the room was lovely and warm.

After a hearty lunch of ham & eggs for me and an overdose of fried scampi and chips for JD, we strolled around the tiny town. Then, suddenly, without warning, a lovely little second hand bookshop appeared. Books piled up everywhere, in no particular order it seemed. We walked around like kids in a candy store, discovering new books and old stuff wherever we turned. It only became a little more annoying once we started to look for one particular book. Randomly finding stuff is great but if you are searching for something in particular, the chaos-thing is not so attractive. We spent the best part of 90 minutes in that shop. Lovely!

We naughtily spent the evening reading all the books we bought at the shop (Jeeves & Wooster, Chris Baldacci, Karin Slaughter, some vague old lesbian book that made me laugh and some other random stuff) in our bedroom. Not really wanting to spend more money, we decided not to go out for dinner. I went down to the bar to get something to nibble but changed my mind and returned to the room with a cheeseburger and fried fishcakes from the local fish & chips shop. fat dripping off it, we ate them in bed with the TV on, reading our books and listening to the radio at the same time.

The next day we went to the beach at Wells-next-the-Sea. And there is spotted my first ever seals in the wild. It was fabulous. They are so sweet. I want one for Christmas. First there was only one and then 2 more popped their heads up from the waves and crawled on to the shore. Lovely. Made us forget the bitching cold!!

The trip was finished off with a short visit (read: drive-through) to Swaffham, the town there Stephen Fry's TV series 'Kingdom' is filmed.

All in all, it was rather nice, especially as it snowed on the way back so we felt really wintery!!

24 October 2007

Relationships are like bean bags...

During a particularly deep and meaningful talk about our relationship, I came to the conclusion that relationships are like bean bags.
Huh? I hear you think.

Well, as I explained to JD, a bean bags takes a certain shape when you first sit down on it. And usually, that shape fits around you perfectly. So no need to move. But after a while of having sat in the bean bag, you start to feel a bit stiff and you think: "I need to stretch my legs, change position, get back to that feeling I had when I first sat down in it and the beans shaped to envelop my body to create a perfect match."

So, you get up, grab the bean bag and give it a good shake. If you do it right, the bag will look familiar (it is after all still the same bag) but it will feel like a rejuvenated bean bag and if you are lucky, it will even feel the same and yet new and different.

Just repeat the process whenever you feel stiffness and pain and you will enjoy your bean bag for the rest of your life.

In extreme cases you might even think:"What a useless piece of junk this bean bag! I anticipated to be sitting in the same position for the rest of my life without pain but now I am feeling stiff and my legs hurt. I am ggoingg to throw it away and buy a new one! Why bother with trying to repair/change it? It is still the same bean bag, no matter how you sit in it and since I am uncomfortable now, there is no way this same bean bag can make me comfortable again."

If that is how you feel about your beanbag, then you might indeed want to get a new one and give your old one a retirement.

See, just like a relationship: it gets a bit stale sometimes so you either shake it up or ditch it. I personally think regular shake-ups are great. Small shakes, big shakes, which ever suits you best at the time.

17 October 2007

Something's wrong here....

This just sounds wrong to me:

"KFC is to roll out a 16-piece bargain bucket in the UK to support its global tie-up with the United Nations' World Food Programme."

Rrrriight.....A whole 10p from every bucket sold will go to the UN programme. Wow! That will really really help. Not.

01 October 2007

Serial Killer in the making?

Do I feel bad? Nope. Do I feel like a serial killer in the making? Nope. Was I scared? You bet!

This morning, after JD had left the house: A massive big spider stared at me from the kitchen sink. I yelped, jumped, hyperventilated and then realised I would need to kill the beast. It was him or me. Despite my fears, I managed to capture the animal underneath a glass. But then what? No way in the world I was going to lift it up on a piece of cardboard and throw it out of the window!

And so I did the only thing left to me: I went to the cupboard and took out a bottle of bleach. Poured the bleach into the sink whilst lifting the glass ever so slightly. The bleach poured under the glass and I quickly put the glass down again. What followed wasn't pretty. The spider was clearly in distress but my fear of spiders is greater than my compassion for them. And so I watched as the arachnoid struggled with the chlorine fumes and eventually shriveled into a little ball of miserable legs. I left it for another 5 minutes and then poured boiling water in the sink, flushing the spider away. Must make sure he is dead.

I always read about serial killers who started when they were kids by out pulling spiders' legs out and enjoying it. Maybe I will be a serial killer when I grow up.

JD. who will catch spiders and then walk all 4 floors down to put it outside, rather than just chuck itt out of the window, was not pleased, to say the least...

But at least the sink was nice and clean!!

17 September 2007

Lots to look forward to...

In the next few weeks & months (in no particular order):

- Seeing my little niece Bob and a few old friends again in October
- Jodie Foster's new film 'The Brave One'.
- Weekends with JD
- Celebrating my nan's 80th birthday in October
- Starting the new rugby season with a new team
- Being able to just play rugby again without being involved in the politics of committees etc.
- More opportunities for development at work
- Watching JD play/fight (?) at fencing
- Fantasising about maybe buying a flat one day
- Paying off my student loan (about time at 32!)
- Snowboard/ski trip with JD
- A WORKING computer from Mesh (not holding my breath on that one!)
- JD hopefully being taken off her anti-seizure medication

In the next few years:

- Watching JD getting her PhD from University
- Buying our own place
- Watching JD become county champion at fencing
- Seeing Bob grow up and find out she is just like me
- Being happy in general

There are lots of things I am NOT looking forward to but sometimes it is good to take a moment and realise there is always something, no matter how trivial, that is worth looking forward to.

06 September 2007

Title Here...

I never know what to call my little posts, especially when they really are just updates about a whole bunch of things.

1st of all, JD & I went on holiday again! This time we went to Bettona in Italy with my parents and my aunt. It was really really really hot but very nice as the house we were staying in had a big pool to cool off in.From the balcony, you could follow the planes on their way to landing at Perugia Airport (See picture of me & my dad...) JD & I spent a day in Rome before going home. Again, very hot but very interesting too.

My mother said that JD & I are starting to look alike, the longer we are together. I know that is what peopel always say about couples but in our case she might be right. We have the same phone, we have the same shoes, we like similar music and the other day, the final proof came in the most bizarre way.

I went to buy a new watch. I looked at all kinds of watches and then settled for a nice one with a white clock face. I came home and JD said: Oh, you have bought the same watch I have but mine has a black clock face..... I had not recognised it in the shop. All I wanted was 'something like JD's watch as I like that kind.' I ended up buying the exact same watch...... how freaky.

20 August 2007

Death and life in a few days

The past week has been seriously busy. First I was involved in filming a Road Safety Campaign that involved people dying in a car crash. Dan has posted some fabulous pictures of this on his Facebook profile but for those who can not see them there, I have posted a few here. Remember: It is all fake! The actors were all really good and the make up was fabulous. We had to film in a real mortuary and one of the poor actors had to get on top of the autopsy table and lie still for almost an hour whilst his 'parents' identified his body. The Mortuary Technician said it was really strange to have a body moving on the table. I suppose it doesn't usually happen:-)

The crew was really nice and even though we got totally rained off on the first day, things went pretty well overall. It seemed to really make people think about the impact of speeding and drinking and driving. So much so that the traditional Wrap Beer was canceled and we all kind of went home, thinking we would swear off the booze forever and never speed again.

The whole experience was slightly strange, especially since the pictures of the event all look so real and I felt like a voyeur standing so close to the ambulance crew when they were 'rescuing' the victims.

Once that was all done, JD & I went to Leamington Spa on Saturday to take part in the the Cancer Research UK Relay for Life. Walking for 24 hours to raise cash for Cancer Research UK. It rained the whole time but fortunately JD & I had brought our Big Tent and we could all sit in there and be social whilst the others were out on the track walking around. We raised £20,000 with the event in total so that was all quite good.

12 August 2007

You think you matter to people? Think again...

Time for a moment of childish disappointment but disappointment never the less.

To those 7 people who remembered my birthday (This figure includes my parents, my partner, my colleagues and my grandmother!): Thanks.
To those who forgot (Just about eveybody else I know): Thanks for nothing.

There are some people I will 'forgive' for not remembering. My sister just had a baby so she is busy. My aunties and uncles I hardly speak to anyway as I don't send cards or call them for their birthdays either either. So I am not too fussed about that.

But of the 25 girls from the rugby team for example, only 2 remembered or bothered to remember. I always send people at least a text message for their birthday.

I have recently decided to join a different rugby club. One that is not an hour driving from where I live now. One that is only 15 minutes away. So I told people of Old Leamingtonians RFC that I was leaving. How many people replied to that email to say anything nice or even just to say goodbye? 2 people. One who is no longer a player there anyway!

So I am feeling much better about leaving the club because it seems nobody cares anyway. I must have been crazy to think that being treasurer (Leaving the team with £1,200 in the account) and PR secretary (having generated more newspaper coverage than just about anyone else ever), creating and maintaining a completely new, fantastic club website that everyone is enthusiastic about was worth something to people. I was wrong. Fine. I don't need people to tell me how fantastic I am (I'm not, really!) but it would be nice if some people would have bothered to send me a note or at least give me the feeling I have done good things for the team.

Call me childish but if nobody botheres to say goodbye and if nobody bothers to remember your birthday, it might be a sign that it was time to go anyway.

I am actually looking forward to playing for a new club and just focus on playing rugby for a while, without getting involved in the politics of things. But knowing myself, I'll soon offer to help out with things here and there. Oh well, at least I won't have to drive for an hour to get to the club anymore.
Old Leams will always have a special place with me. It was the first team I played rugby for. It was the first time I really played a team sport and felt part of a team. It was the first time I actually won a title! But now it is time to move on. And the past few days have only showed me that now is as good a time as ever. If that makes me sound childish, so be it.Perhaps it is that time of the month. Or perhaps it is just me. Whatever.

03 August 2007

Wet wet Cornwall

JD & I went on holiday to Cornwall last week. In a tent. As we drove, we were chuckling about those poor folks stuck on the M5 in the floods. That wouldn't happen to us! Surely not.

Well, it didn't really but of course it was the wettest week in history and we were in Cornwall in a tiny tent. So tiny in fact that after 3 days of rain, I got claustrophobia and went to Millets to buy a new tent. A bigger one that would at least enable us to sit and cook inside without having to lie in bed!

In the end, the week was not bad as things improved a lot after the Big Tent arrived. Well, a small glitch was when the tent pole of the new tent snapped the first time we put it up. But there is nothing Duck Tape can not stick together so it was all good in the end.

Of course since we have been back, not a drop of rain has fallen and summer has finally started. We are going to Italy the last week of August with my parents so with a bit of luck that should be warm and dry!

20 July 2007

Northampton sucks!

OK. I can understand when someone steals a bike. Not nice when it is MY bike but hey, these things happen.
I get a bit more irate when someone then steals JD's bike as well, leaving us with no wheels at all.
JD borrows a friend's bike and I get myself a new bike. All is well with the world.

Until this morning.

When I found some Northampton arsehole has stolen the rear wheel of my friend's bike!!

I have had more bike-related theft in the past 6 weeks than I have had in my entire life in Holland. Clearly bikes are still seen as valuable here so lots of them get stolen. But why me? Why us? When we are going on holiday tomorrow!!!!

Just as well I got a pay rise yesterday. I knew it wouldn't last, that good feeling we had yesterday.

09 July 2007

God Save Le Tour

JD & I went down to London n Saturday to see the Prologue of the Tour de France. One of the things I miss most, living in England, is the attention for the Tour de France. When I was growing up, I would watch the Tour with my dad. There is a black & white picture of me in 1980, the year Dutchman Joop Zoetemelk won the Tour, my clenched fist in the air in a victory salute, holding my bicycle; a newspaper cut-out of a yellow jersey pinned to my chest as if I had just won the Tour. On Saturdays and Sundays we would position ourselves in front of the TV and watch the stages all day. Some times, my dad would take a day or afternoon off work to watch the most gruesome mountain stage of that Tour de France. When I went to University, I did the same, skipping lectures to watch TV.

Dutch TV will show the important stages live on TV from 11am. Regular coverage starts at 2pm every day, as does Radio Tour de France. 4/5 reporters live in the Tour, on the motorbikes, in between the riders.

Radio Tour de France is the sound of my summers, the sound of my youth. And it still is. I listen to the radio via the internet when the Tour is on. But it is not the same. I can not watch it much because British Eurosport is not included in my TV subscription. ITV shows highlights but only at 10pm!! By then, I will already know the winner and there will be no point in watching it anymore.

Hopefully the fantastic scenes in the streets of London and the massive crowds along the roadside on the way to Canterbury helped to create more interest in the sport here in Britain. Maybe even get some attention for it live on a public broadcaster!

Until then, I will just log on to Radio Tour de France and create my own summer.

19 June 2007

Billing Road Cemetery

JD & I went for an evening walk around the block last night (yes, we are turning in to my parents!!) and walked past Billing Road Cemetery. We never walked through the gates but this seemed the perfect summer evening to have a look. It is a strange place. More like a grass pitch with some graves scattered around than a 'proper' cemetery. There is no order to things, the graves all seem quite old.

I have no idea why this place is no longer in use. When looking at the Northamptonshire County website, it says the place is restricted, meaning not everyone can get a grave there. But why? What is the history of the place? Why is it not a proper cemetery with rows of graves? Why did burials stop there after a while? Most graves date from 1830 - 1930 with a few exceptions up to as recent as 1979. I assume these were family graves where people had the rights to be added to a family tomb.
Caroline Chisholm, the famous social reformer who fought for Aborigine's rights in Sydney, was buried there in 1877.

Some more well known people are buried there but I could not find any info as to the strange feel of the place. As we were leaving, I suddenly noticed something wonderfully philosophical. Almost all graves had trees growing from them. Like death sustaining life. The whole place did not have that 'creepy' feeling you normally get from an old burial ground. Instead it left me with a whole bunch of questions. In an era of shortage of burial space, why is Billing Road Cemetery not used to its full potential? Did people object? Did something happen?

18 June 2007

A weekend of cars, fights & strawberries

This weekend was a strange combination of good and bad. Good was that JD & I went to the Peugeot dealer in Northampton and complained about the rubbish service they gave us recently, charging us 3 times for fixing the same problem and not fixing it at all. In the end it was fixed by the Peugeot dealer in Leamington Spa for £250 when the Northampton guys had told us it would cost £900! So we complained and we then got £150 back for a useless 'wiring adjustment' they did two weeks ago! Complaining helps!

Then it started to absolutely chuck it down with rain whilst JD & I were cycling around town. Trying to avoid a large puddle (and I mean LARGE), we veered out into the middle of the road. Some sad man with a small penis in a golden Jaguar (M55 ***, pelt his car with rocks when you see him!) then decided we were taking too long and drove past us on the INSIDE, through the puddle and splashed us completely. We were soaking wet and yelled after the man but of course he thought it was all rather funny. In Holland, that will get you a fine if the police catches you splash cyclists and pedestrians on purpose. The rest of our Saturday was spent on plotting revenge on the sad creature. Perhaps phoning the police and asking them to give the man a call and warn him not to do it again or something. But mostly we were just so frustrated because we were not doing anything wrong and he was clearly doing it on purpose.

On Sunday, we decided to go strawberry picking in a field near by. Rows and rows of lovely strawberries were going to waste because there are not enough people willing to pick them. We filled up two large punnets, had a piece of cake to support World Challenge Mongolia (What the F**k?) and set off for home again.
As I was steering my car along the narrow lanes of the tiny village we were driving through, I caught a flash of a golden Jaguar coming towards us. M55 *** said the license plate! The same small-penised man who splashed us the day before! I quickly gave him the finger, to make me feel better. But men with a small penis don't like getting the finger so he stopped. So did I. I got out of the car. So did he. Like a chicken squaring up for a fight, he got out of the car, stuck his chest out to make him look bigger (because frankly, he was rather small and stocky) and said: "What did you do that for!!" I took a deep breath, told myself to remain calm and with a voice shaking with anger I said: "That is for splashing us yesterday with your fucking car. Yes, that was us. I remember your license plates. you had no fucking need to do that." He looked stunned for a second and then said: "Well you weren't doing a very good job of going through the puddle (Well no. I was actually trying to avoid going through the puddle. Red.) but I did not do it on purpose." Not on purpose? UNDERtaking a cyclist on a corner whilst splashing through a puddle?

I had so told myself to be calm but he started to be extremely patronising and in the end, I couldn't help it and called him a small, sad, fucking wanker. He called me a slag and we both got back in our cars and drove off.

I was pleased I had the chance to speak my mind to the bastard but annoyed with myself for stooping so low as to start swearing at him.

In the end, the whole thing was rather bizarre really. I am sure I will never see that man again but to see him twice in 2 days...

Oh, and the strawberries were just wonderful. If you have the chance, you should go out and pick your own. So much better than the red bullets you buy in the supermarket.

UPDATE: Went to the police to report Small Penis Man as it is a crime to undertake and splash people on purpose (Driving without due care & attention:-) Policeman said he would contact him and give him a warning. HaHaHa!!! That will teach you you SUCKER. Do not mess with The Clog!!!

07 June 2007

To Holland & back

JD & I are now proud aunties of Federika Anna Affinito. We call her 'Bob' because Federika sounds like Federer, Roger Federer and Bob is short for Roger. Along that line, we could actually call her Kate. In Blakcaddder II, a girl named Kate pretends to be a boy when she starts working for Lord Blackadder. However, when Blackadder points out that 'Kate' is a girl's name, she quickly claims it is short for 'Bob'.
My sister gave birth to her last week and JD & I went to say hello to the new-born. Of course I came down with a full-blown cold 2 days before so I have only held Federika (aka Bob ) for a little while as I did not want to infect her with any nastiness.
Bob is very sweet and I am extremely proud of my sister as it has not been easy to get pregnant and the birth-thing wasn't pleasant either. I know that she will do a great job, even if it is hard sometimes!

Go Sis!!

The trip was not all great unfortunately. Most frustratingly it was marred by yet more Windows Vista-trouble! Sister bought a new laptop and I could not get the wireless networking on it set up. Vista would spot the network but even when I turned all protection on it off, it said it could not connect because there was no response from the router! AAARRGHHH!

Then the car, which is in the garage for repairs to the fuel lines (don't even start me off on that story!!!) was NOT going to be ready for us to pick up from the dealer on our way home on Wednesday. So we had to get home by train from Coventry Airport.

The trip home started with a massive traffic jam, leaving us only minutes to check in at the airport. Then, whilst in Departure, a mini van full off engineers turned up at the plane and walked around, stroking their beards in a pensive fashion before pulling out their screwdrivers. After 45 minutes, we were good to go. We only just managed to get the train in Coventry but fell asleep and instead of getting off at Northampton, we woke up only to get off in Milton Keynes!! Luckily there was one more train at 00.20 back to Northampton so in the end, we got home at 1am. Not too bad but we were so tired!!!!

29 May 2007

The city with no ads

Sao Paulo might well be one of my favorite cities right now. The city council have banned billboard advertising. People in the city are so poor, they happily accepted money from media companies to place billboards in front and on top of their houses. It created a very ugly forest of billboards.

Since April 1st, all billboards are banned under the Clean City laws. What is left are 8000 skeletons that used to hold up the billboards.

Tony de Marco
documented the strange sights, left by the empty spaces.

23 May 2007

Get your hands off my fucking bike!

They say hardship always comes in threes. Well, they are right. First the car needed hundreds of pounds to be repaired. Then my computer died a slow painful death. And this morning I found my bike stolen.
I got a lift home from work last night as we always play football with the guys on Tuesday. My bike was left outside, locked, in a LOCKED garden. This morning it was gone. The arseholes had climbed over the metal gate, using the mailbox to stand on, and presumably just picked the bike up and tossed it over the fence. The mailbox was destroyed in the process.

Now where do I get the money from to pay for a new bike?


Great timing financially. I need to visit my sister in Holland as soon as she gives birth and a few weeks later I need to visit grandma, also in Holland, who turns 80.

17 May 2007


Rugby is a sport for men. I can accept that. However, the ladies' team at my club is more successful than the men. You would think that means we get taken seriously. And sometimes we do.
But lately things have been, well, shit.

First, the men's season ended a few weeks before ours and so they simply disabled the floodlights on the training pitch. of course this meant the women had no light to train with at night. When asking about this, they said: well, you can just start an hour earlier and you will catch the light. Right. End work at 5.30, be out training at 6.30, having driven home, had food, driven to the club and changed into rugby gear.

Then, one of our girls hired the club for a function. They forgot to organise bar staff and forgot to order beer. So she had to ask visitors to her party to do bar work. And to top it all off, she was told that she must clean everything up at the end of the night as someone else had hired the club in the morning. Normally, the person hiring the venue does not have to clean it at the end of the night...

But wait, it gets worse.

The club needs a new kitchen. Fair enough. So they need to take the walls down, take all the equipment out and do refurbishing work. to do this, they picked a week with nothing in the diary.

WRONG! It is the women's annual awards dinner that week. But apparently that qualifies as 'nothing'. So, our dinner will now be prepared by the caterers in the Members' Lounge, using microwaves. And to make things even more ridiculous, we have been asked if the caterers can take the dirty dishes home because with the kitchen out of order, there is not a lot of space to wash up.

Are they out of their minds? I am looking at organising the dinner elsewhere at short notice and I will most certainly not organise ANYTHING at the club again.
I have gotten through this entire post without swearing but I can not help it.


13 May 2007

PHP, MySQL, jos_tables and other rubbish

As the webmaster (or should that be webmistress???) of the website of my rugby club, I am responsible for making sure the thing works. Until last week, that was easy enough: ignore all warnings about security and hope it does not happen to you.

And then of course it does. The site got hacked. And all I had to do was find an old index.php file and replace the one the hackers had left instead. Of course I had no back-up of the site and in my impulsive way, I did what I alwasy do: Deleted the whole thing and started from scratch. A lot of work and a lot of people asking where the hell the old site has gone.

Because it does mean that we have lost ALL content from the site that was there. Oh I have a back up of the old database. But not the knowledge to import that back in to the new site.


So now I am learning about PHPMyAdmin, MySQL database queries, jos_tables and the like. Sometimes something suddenly changes and it looks like I may have done something right. But most of the time, I do something and nothing happens.

But at least I am learning something. I think.

02 May 2007

On the BBC...

For the second time this week, BBC Radio 5 live read out one of my text messages. Yay! Last saturday, when the weather was fabulous, they told people to text in what they would do on a sunny day like Saturday. So I texted that it was perfect weather for the Women's Rugby Tournament that I was organising in Leamington Spa. And they read that out! 5 minutes later, our coach sent me a text message to say she had heard it!

This morning, they were asking: What is the most satisfying thing in the world. So I texted: The look on my wife's face when I wake her with a nice cup of tea.

Bit cheesey, I know but still, very true because JD has a lovely sleepy smile when I say the word Tea in the morning.

So when they read it out, I was feeling very smug because JD was all touched and cuddly after that!! Yay!

I have sent text messages before but I think they did not read them out because they can not pronounce my name correctly. So now I just spelt it phonetically, to make it easier for them. Perhaps that is what did it...

Either way, I scored brownie points with JD!!

01 May 2007

How much!!£@%$@£$??????

Our car needs an MOT (APK voor onze Nederlandse lezers). Just got a call from the garage to let me know it is going to fail the MOT.
Things wrong with the car:

Exhaust corroded. Needs replacing. £290.69
New tyre (irrepairable puncture in brand new tyre!!): £43
Light bulb: £7.95
Airflow meter broken: £70
Nearside shockabsorber is leaking oil: £145.01
Off-side bottom arm needs replacing: £139.79

A grand total of almost £700!! Now the last 2 things on the list are not actually required to pass the MOT but need to be done soon they said. But who am I to know? How do I know they are not ripping me off? And even if they are, how would I know that the cheaper garage I might take it to is actually doing a good job?

I bet dealers count on people assuming that drivers prefer an official dealer to repair their cars for fear of rogue traders. Hence they have high prices....

Damn! There goes my holiday for this year and next year!

Take a tip from me: just don't have your car tested, then you willnever be told you need to have repairs done. Just keep driving until it falls apart and all will be fine......

19 April 2007

Oh No! It is a woman!!

This week has been one full of Battle of the Sexes moments here in England.

Men have it hard these days. All around them, claims that women are (HORROR!!!) equal or better at certain things.

First there was a debate about who works harder: Men or women. Of course that is a ridiculous question but it seems that men don't think women work very hard becasue they do not take the housework as real work. On the other hand, women think all men have to do is work from 9 to 5 and that is it so they claim they work much harder. Cue sexists radio phone-ins and Internet forums.

"Lets take nagging for example - Women don't have to work at it at all as it comes naturally to them."

"Last night I saw a woman driving a police car. Whatever next?"

"As far as I can count (as a woman), it seems that more men have posted on this topic. Evidently, they work much harder. Yeah, yeah."

No sooner was that debate put to bed or the next one erupted. The BBC announced that, 34 years after Julie Welch was the first woman to write a football match report for a newspaper, Jaqui Oatley was going to be the first female football commentator on Match off the Day, BBC's flagship football program.

Men from all walks oof life rushed in to defend their holy shrine of football. They claimed women do not talk but shriek. hey claim women do not know football. They claim women should only do women's matches etc. etc.
The shocking thing about it all is that these men were allowed to say all their misogynist things without much debate. And not just stupid men, but football managers, people from the professional football clubs etc.


A former manager whose name nobody remembers (he can't have been very good...) said: "you must have an understanding of the game and tactics, and in order to do that you need to have played the game." Well, that makes it easy then because Oatley was a keen amateur footballer until the age of 27, when she was stretchered off the pitch with a dislocated kneecap and ruptured ligaments.

"There's something about the pitch of a male commentator's voice which makes it believable even when its owner is talking complete rubbish," says Welch. Leaving aside the possibility that this might explain why so many men in the game liberally spout nonsense without fear, the implication is that a woman's pitch and cadence lack conviction."

Thank goodness for Paula Cocazza who writes about this ridiculous issue in The Guardian. Shhe puts these blokes right back in their place.

ow personally, I don't really like the soundd of a woman's voice on AM radio in a live match report. Nothign do with being a woman but just the pitch of the voice. But this is, I suspect, related to listening to it on AM Radio. On TV, commentary usually is a bit more calm and I just do not understand why men have to so insecure that they have a problem with a woman.

I think it actually all reflects rather badly on 'the modern man'. Just shows their layyer of 'I am modern andd understanding' is only wafer thin.

16 April 2007

We won the league!!

I didn't play in the last match of the season yesterday (I didn't expect to really) but it was still quite fab. The match was rubbish so after the final whistle, we all felt a bit down that we could not finish in style. But after an hour or so, things got better as we realised we had actually won the league title!!
I have never really won anything in a team sport (never done any team sport) so I felt it all quite special.

What better way to say goodbye to our coach, Tim Burden, who has been great for the past 3 years. And what a great way for our Captain, Christie Honor, to pass on the Captain's armband to someone new.

Even better is that the women's team is still the only team in the club that has ever won a title!! I am not gloating but which other club can say that their ladies' team is without question the most succesful senior 'section' they have? The men have never been promoted in their 75 years. The women have played Premiership Rugby (ok, that was almost 10 years ago, but still!!) and won a few titles in their 20 year history.

Hopefully next year the men can gain promotion bck into the league they were relegated from last year. Would be nice!!

in the mean time, WE WON THE LEAGUE!!!!

11 April 2007

Douce France

And so we went to France this weekend to play some rugby for fun. The result: 1 twistd knee and 1 broken collar bone. Not good news for the team as we are hoping to win the league title this Sunday and losing 2 key players is less than positive.

In france you are not allowed to play more than 80 minutes of rugby per day and after each 80 minutes, you need 3 days rest. So all the matches were only 12 minutes long with no half time. We lost all of them. Humbug.

I did not play as I am still struggling with my nose. Just as well because I spent most of my time in hospital with our inside centre who fractured her collar bone.

I am not playing in The Match this Sunday becasue my nose has still not healed. I am very pissed off about that. I understand the coach: I am injured so I don't play. But I am angry at myself. I planned this surgery at a stupid time, putting myself in this position. And the worst is that so far, it has made no difference, in fact it feels like it has gotten worse, not better. So I am angry and dissapointed because I have never won anything with a team in my life. This was goingg to be the Big Moment. And now, I will just be standing there, bringing water bottles to the girls who will be doing the actual rugby on the pitch. And for what? For nothing because I can still not breathe. And itt wasn't so bad before the surgery anyway. I just thought: oh well, let's have it done and it will all be fine soon.


04 April 2007

The greatest ads that (n)ever ran...

Sometimes ads don't make it past the concept stage. Sometimes ads are brilliant but the clients is too conservative to run with the idea. And sometimes they just run out of money.

Advetising and PR Communications people Sellers & Rogers have published 2 nice little booklets with some of their best ads that never made it to print. You can download them for free from their website. I personally think the Lionel Richie one above is sheer brilliance.

28 March 2007

Lick a billboard

Chocolate manufacturer Thorntons is presenting the world's first edible billboard on March 29th. It will be up in Tottenham Court in London and weighs 285 kilos. Not sure exactly where it will be and what it will look like (hence the Artist's Impression I created) but I am sure if you follow the crowd, you will come across a large group of women licking a billboard and you know you have found it!!

27 March 2007

Nearly there...

Did I mention we are nearly champions with the rugby team?
I a beside myself with excitementt. One match to go and all we need is 1 point.
I have never played in a team before and I have never won anything with a team after months of hard work. I have won the odd talent contest but that is not the same as playing a sport for a season and ending up at the top of the league table at the end of it.

The excitement is killing me! If you are anywhere near Whitchurch on April 15th, come and cheer us on from 2.15pm for the final match of the season. I'll be the one in the gold & blue hoops!!

Did I mention I am excited?

Septoplasty, part 2

10 days after the surgery, I am beginning to doubt if it has made any difference at all. My mother already told me my dad had a similar operation years and years ago and that it did not help.

Well, for starters, they have not stitched it up properlyy and there is now a little bit of wild flesh o the right side of my septum. great. When I breathe, I can feel the air flow past it and itt tickles. I did not realise the lump was flesh so I have been furiously trying to pick it, thinking it was merely dried up blood and gunk. No wonder it kept bleeding. And when I look in the mirror, i can see more rough bits of flesh sticking out of my septum. Seems like the stitched it up with ragged edges instad of smoothly. Surely that does not help clear breathing?

Further more, the left nostril, the one that caused the promblem in the first place, is still very much smaller than the right one. if anything, it feels like they made the right one bigger and the left one smaller (Did they work on the wrong nostril, I wonder??)

The doctor told me it will take at least 6 weeks for the swelling to go down completely and for the real result to become clear. But the initial outcome is not very positive.

After all the effort and pain, I want a bloody result!! (No pun intended).

20 March 2007


Well, I am home after my Septoplasty. (Cost of around £3,200 if you get it done privately apparently) I had limited airflow through my left nostril and when I went to see the ENT specialist, before I knew it, I was on the waiting list for surgery......Not sure I really wanted it that bad but I did not think it was major surgery so what the heck. It could only make my life easier, right?

I thought it would be kind of a nasty operation and that was it. Well, not really. As you do, I only looked up Septoplasty on the internet AFTER I had the surgery done. And my God, if I had known......

It involves chopping up the septum (the bit that separates your nostrils), cutting away the bits that are not straight (oh irony...) and then stitching thew whole thing back together again. They then stuck big tampons up my nose (obviously I was asleep when they did this or I would have screamed!).

I stayed in the hospital overnight and in the morning they woke me up at 6am to remove the tampons. Absolutely excruciatingly painful. Imagine a bloody tampon up your nose, being slowly pulled out, past a bloody septum, past stiches and a nose so bruised it looks like you have been hit in the face during a rugby match.

Speaking of rugby, I was told that I can not play rugby for at least 6 weeks. What? We are about to win the title this year. We only have 4 matches left to play. No WAY that I was going to miss that. So when asking the doctor again, he said: Well, it really is only about 3 to 4 weeks but we say 6 anyway. Fine. 4 weeks it is then......I might JUST make the final match which is great of course if we do win the title.


I got sent home with a nose dripping with blood and gunk. For the first 2 days, I spent my time trying to avoid anything touching my nose, which was hard because I had some gauze strapped to my nose to stop me from leaving a trail on the floor....YEGH!!

Throb...throb...throb...all fucking day long.

Having to stay home from work for 5 days is not a problem. Having to stay indoors for 5 days is much more boring. Because of the risk of infection, I am not to leave the house. JD is home too and together was are having a lovely time. Watching The Closer, our latest police drama thing. Or NCIS, the latest police drama thing before we discovered The Closer.
Or, alternatively, we spend time playing Call of Duty on the PC or playing silly quizzes (How many US states can you name in 10 minuts.....harder than you think. But then again, ask an American to name as many English counties as he can in 2 hours and he might get one "erhm....London?")

11 March 2007

Divided loyalty

I have a problem...one of luxury but still.....

I started my rugby carreer *ahem* playing for Old Leamingtonians in Leamington Spa, where we used to live. After 3 years, we have now moved to Northampton, about 1 hour driving from Leamington Spa. Until 3 weeks ago, Northampton did not have a women's rugby team so we stayed with Old Leamingtonians RFC. Why leave when we have really found our little space there, JD is very much involved with running the club, organising more than just the Women's section, I do the finances and website for the club etc. Driving an hour to get to training... small price to pay for all the satisfaction it gives us. JD can not play anymore because of her brain so the fact that she has now found a new place in the club by being very active on other fronts really makes me happy as it keeps her involved.

But now Old Northamptonians, a club just around the corner from where we live (I can really see their pitches fom my bedroom window, that is how close) have started a women's team. A new team usually does not play a regular leage for a few years because new teams tend to struggle finding players and peopel who are willing to put lot of hours in to get the whole structure off the ground. So I am not sure I want to get involved with them when I can not be sure there is a team ready to play rugby every week.

However, it is only 5 minutes cycling from where we live. And it could be fun to be involved in building something up from the start. It would mean recognition and appreciation. It could be exciting. It would be closer. Easier. But potentially more frustrating due to having to do everything from scratch.

So what to do? If I switch to the new club, will JD feel she has to switch too? Will she want to start again, cementing a place for herself as a non-player at a club where nobody knows her, now that she has finally found a way to stay involved in rugby without feeling bitter about not playing anymore? Do I want to join a new team? I am not really fussed about the issue of loyalty to Old Leamingtonians. Players come and go and although some of the people are really really nice, I don't think we have made any New Best Friends that we would be leaving behind. We will always stay in touch with those who are real friends and we would make new ones too.

I think I might just go along to one of their training sessions and see what the deal is. If I do end up switching, next year or maybe the year after would be the earliest anyway. And there is of course the risk that, if we switch to a club that is so close to home, we would be spending a ridiculous amount of time there, being involved in all kinds of things.

And their website is rubbish so there is a lot of work there that I could potentially do:-)

08 March 2007


Weird things happen. Things break. But nothing as weird as this has happened to me in a while. I woke up from too much light through the window. So I got up and closed the blinds. And as I walked past the radiator in the bedroom, the whole bloody thing just...fell off the wall!

It just flopped forward onto the floor, narrowly missing my toes. The copper tubes did not rip, they just bent as the thing was lying on the floor...Quite stunned, I woke up JD who mumbled something like "Oh Shit" and went back to sleep again.

In the morning, I looked at the situation again and noticed that what I thought was a wall really is nothing more than plasterboard of about half an inch. Clearly, the plasterboard was not strong enough to support the weigght of a radiator. There was already damage to the wall when we moved in so someone must have walked in too the thing previously.

When ringing the letting agency, she sounded like she did not believe what had happened. I got JD to check the inventory we signed when we moved in. And thank goodness it mentions on it: Radiator loose from the wall. Now obviously this is an addition JD has made in her hadwritten notes so they are not on the official records of the letting agents.

It will be interesting to see what happens next. In the mean time, there is a radiator on my floor.....

05 March 2007

Happy Brain

Almost forgot to tell you all: JD went to see the Brain Man in hospital last week for a check up. All is well. Since the tumour was removed in June 2005, it has not changed, not grown, not anything. That is very good news obviously and has made both JD and me much happpier and more relaxed. She only needs to see him again in January 2008 so until then, there is no need to think about The Brain. Great. Liking that.

22 February 2007

Indigo Girls in Birmingham

For the first time in....erhm.....more than 10 years I think, I went to see The Indigo Girls!! I was extremely excited as this time, JD was coming along. When we first met, JD said she did not like 'my music' because they were all 'whailing women'. She did not even bother listening to the Indigo Girls. But then, somehow, she got in to them. Yay! She was an excited as I was when we went to Birmingham on Tuesday evening.

The gig was great. But not as much fun as it should have been. It was so totally hot in the small venue that half way through the show, JD had to get away from the front of the stage for fear of fainting. So we both made our way through the audience and sat at the back, listening to the wonderful music. We could not see Amy & Emily anymore as we were too far back. That was a shame but at least we did not faint. As said, the music was great but we were spending a lot of time thinking how hot it was, rather than enjoying the music. And not just us; the whole audience was very subdued.

I even considered going to manchester the night night or Sheffield the night after that. But with 3 hours travelling to get there, that would be unreasonable. Even I could see that. And don't believe I did not try all alternatives: Car, train, day off etc...... I can only hope they will be back soon and not need another 10 years!

My pictures all came out a bit rubbish but I did manage to shoot 3 little videos. If only I had videoed more!!

God Bless YouTube!!

16 February 2007

Aunty Me

Only a few more weeks to go (well, hopefully, about another 8 weeks), I shall be the brand new aunty to Pi(e)tje (Working Title). My sister is having a baby and I am WELL excited by the whole thing. We know if it is a boy or a girl (not telling you!) but until it is born, we are calling it Pi(e)tje. Pitje means 'pip' in Dutch (like those you find in your grapes etc.) and Pietje is a Dutch version of Peter.

Yesterday, Pi(e)tje looked like this.......

It's not easy being Treasurer

I am treasurer (penningmeester for those who do not know!) of the rugby team. Yes, mum & dad, you can now laugh. Your daughter has control over the money of a rugby team. Me, the one who can not control her own money.

Controlling other people's money makes me extremely careful about spending it. Too careful I suspect. I hae spending team money out of fear that we may end up being out of money at some point. Our budget is not huge though. This year for the first time ever, we have more than £2000 in our account.

It is always a problem to get people involved in activities like fundraising and organising ttours etc. So we take any help we can get. However, as treasurer and member of The Committee, I MUST have some kind of control over what is spent and where the money goes. When someon eis organising a trip for the team, I need to know exactly what the budget is, how much players will have to pay and how much the Committee is going to subsidise. Only THEN do you tell people what we want them to pay and what everything will cost. Right? You would think that is simple.

Well apparently not. In the last few weeks I have had fits of hysterical, desperate crying with frustration abouut our upcoming tour. Well, it is not realy a tour. It is a one night trip to France to play a 1 day tournament.

People were told it was going to be cheap. I insisted on not booking flights until everyone who wants to come along had paid their contribution. Seems normal to me. But the extra wait made the flights more expensive. Don't book if they are over £x I said. But they were booked anyway. In the end the flights were about £45 more expensive than what people were initially told.

I tried and tried and tried to get those organising the tour to let me know a budget BEFORE telling people ho wmuch they would need to pay. I asked for receipts and so on. And nothign ever came my way. It was completely unclear what was happening. And yet I was the person eventually responsible for guarding other people's money.

Once people's flights were booked, they were locked in to agreeing with whatever the tour organisers decided to do (coach to the airport, nice playng shirts, booze, whatever). I tried to get some control over the project but time and again, there was no information coming.

I just had a huge angry crying fit last week. I was so confused. Why is it so hard for peopel to say: I want to do this, this and this and Ithink it will cost so much.

The end of it all is that there is a hole of more than £600 in the budget of a 1-day tour. People are complaining that instead of the predicted £100, they now have to pay £130. But even with that extra money, we will be left with a serious loss.

And I take that personally. Becasue I look after other people's money But through no fault of my own, I will end up having to tell people they might not get their new Team sweatshirts this year because, although this was a record fundraising year, we have run out of money. Under my watch.

Life sucks a bit at the moment when it comes to rugby. Due to my injuries I have not been picked in the 1st team. Humbug. I'll bloody show them.

Fun work...

I had my appraisal on Tuesday. Apparently they like me but I need to be more assertive. it is strange that my apparent lack of assertiveness keeps cropping up in appraisals, no matter where I work.
I guess it has to do with my insecurity about being a bit of a waste of space unless I am brilliant. I want to be perfect at everythng I do and when I can not be perfect, I crawl into a corner and try not to get noticed too much.

My 'new' job is in a creative design agency and it is good fun. However, I know little about creative design and I hate that I have to ask people for help in using Phtoshop, InDesign etc. I want to be good at it. I hate disturbing people with simple questions when they are clearly working on some project with a big creative deadline.....

The result is that the directors feel they don't really know what I am doing most of the time. So we agreed I need to let them know more of what is going on. I need to ask more and they agreed to explain better what they expect from me when giving me a task.

Either way, I have survived my probation period and I am now officially employed as a Creative Coordinator. And no, I am still not telling you where I work.

07 February 2007

Too old for this...

Now that I have properly discovered rugby, I completely regret not having played it when I was younger. I think I could have been quite a good player. made the national team even? Who knows? I will never know as I am now officially getting too old for this.

Four weeks after a rupture of my ankle ligaments during a rugby match in Wellingborough, I have now injured my Achilles heel. It is the typical 'runners' injury': A stinging pain at the very bottom of my leg, almost on the bone, about an inch above the ground. Pain when I get up especially, feeling really stiff, getting slightly better during the day but still in no state to run around on a rugby pitch.

This season has been a nightmare so far starting with a strained quad, then RSI, then a shoulder injury, then the rupture of my ankle ligament and now this. All in all nothing major but enough to keep me from playing regularly and cementing my place in the team.

I should not complain though. Last Saturday saw the glorious return to rugby of Jonny Wilkinson. Now there is a man who has survived injury and pain, only to come back stronger. Since kicking the winning goal for England in the World Cup in 2003, Wilkinson had not played for England due to the following list of injuries:


* Nov - Fractures a facet in his shoulder on the way to World Cup win
* Dec - Suffers a recurrence of his shoulder injury


* Feb - Sees a specialist who says he needs an operation on his shoulder
* Oct - Ruled out for up to six weeks with a haematoma in the upper right arm


* Jan - Knee ligament damage
* Mar - Medial ligament damage to his left knee - the same knee from January
* Jul - Suffered a 'stinger' in his arm and shoulder area
* Sep - Appendix operation
* Nov - Major operation for groin problems


* Jan - Tears adductor muscle
* Sep - Knee ligament injury
* Nov - Kidney damage

So perhaps my injury problems are not really problems at all but juts little niggles………

A new band....

It is a bit like a relationship that is on-off-on-off all the time. In November, the band parted with the bass player. It turned out he did not like me and, without my knowledge, it became a her-or-me situation. He left.

We got a new bass player. Nice guy, great bass player, marked improvement on the last one.

I had noticed the drummer was unhappy but thought it might be because he lost his job. Then he quit on Sunday. I thought about it for a while and realised that I did not really want ot continue with the whole thing. After 1 months together, we had played all of 4 gigs and were still playing the same 12 songs we played when we started out. I am not a star musician in any way shape or form but I had hoped to be a bit further down the line after 12 months!

And so I too threw in the towel. As I said, like a relationship that is like a flickering light: eventually it will break down anyway so why prolong the misery? Obviously having to drive for an hour to get to the rehearsals was also a bit annoying but all that is not a problem if the band is going places……

But I do realise I quite like being in a band and so I did not waste much time and got on a website to find myself a new one, a bit closer to home. I am not too fussed about the repertoire, as long as the band is good fun.
So I sent an email to 2 bands looking for a singer and I got a reply from one of them. They seemed quite keen to meet up with me. Cool.
Which brings the whole relationship-comparison to the forefront of my mind again: the best way to get over a break-up is to get on with life and make yourself happy with someone else!!

18 January 2007

For our Dutch readers...

Er moet me even iets van het hart:

Jullie moeten je godverdomme in Nederland de ogen uit de kop schamen dat er een kabinet met CDA, Christen Unie en PvdA komt.

Alle vrijheden waar zo lang voor gevochten is het raam uit. Alle wetten waar het CDA alleen maar mee akkoord is gegaan omdat de meerderheid van VVD & PvdA dat wilde staan op de tocht.
Abortus wet: moet bespreekbaar zijn vinden de Christenen
Euthanasie: Ook daar moeten we maar eens naar kijken
Gelijke rechten voor homo's: Daar hebben we zo onze twijfels over
Vrijheid van meningsuiting: Alleen als er niets onaardigs over god wordt gezegd
Discriminatie: Tuurlijk hoef je een homo gaan baan te geven op je Christelijke School

Onderwerpen waar CDA & CU graag over willen praten: naaktstranden, feesten en partijen op zondag, winkels open op zondag, sport op zondag, wat voor programma's er op TV mogen, straatfeesten waar stickers worden uitgedeels met de tekst: Marsturbatie is geen misdaad, allemaal op de schop.

En maar zeuren dat jullie bang zijn voor Moslim fundamentalisten die de Sharia willen invoeren in Nederland. Maak je geen zorgen, er is nu een compromis voor de Multi-culturele sameleving waar ook de Moslims vast goed mee kunnen leven: geen Sharia wetten maar gewoon Hollands Polder Fundamentalisme.

Het resulaat is hetzelfde maar het voelt ten minste vertrouwd aan. Eigen schuld, dikke bult.

Blij dat ik er niet meer woon.

17 January 2007


Well, we have finally moved, I am a happy bunny as I cna now cycle to work.

The downside? Northampton is a shithole. Not really been around town yet but it simply does not compare well with Leamington Spa. I guess that makes sense as Leamington was build in Georgian/Victorian times with big, white houses. Northampton is simply a factory town. it is withoutt any identity of its own, without any class.

But at least the flat is nice and light. It is nice to be able to wake up and see the sky!

I promise to post some pictures soon!!