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16 February 2007

I had my appraisal on Tuesday. Apparently they like me but I need to be more assertive. it is strange that my apparent lack of assertiveness keeps cropping up in appraisals, no matter where I work.
I guess it has to do with my insecurity about being a bit of a waste of space unless I am brilliant. I want to be perfect at everythng I do and when I can not be perfect, I crawl into a corner and try not to get noticed too much.

My 'new' job is in a creative design agency and it is good fun. However, I know little about creative design and I hate that I have to ask people for help in using Phtoshop, InDesign etc. I want to be good at it. I hate disturbing people with simple questions when they are clearly working on some project with a big creative deadline.....

The result is that the directors feel they don't really know what I am doing most of the time. So we agreed I need to let them know more of what is going on. I need to ask more and they agreed to explain better what they expect from me when giving me a task.

Either way, I have survived my probation period and I am now officially employed as a Creative Coordinator. And no, I am still not telling you where I work.


Anonymous said...

Get your head buried into this lot, it might help.

Cheers, Gary, Liverpool

Dutchcloggie said...

Cheers Gary! I will definately have a look at it over the weekend. See, I don't need to be brilliant, I just need to be able to do some basic stuff so that I can prepare the pictures for our own website to go in the portfolio section......stuff that takes others 5 minutes.....

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