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Indigo Girls in Birmingham

22 February 2007

For the first time in....erhm.....more than 10 years I think, I went to see The Indigo Girls!! I was extremely excited as this time, JD was coming along. When we first met, JD said she did not like 'my music' because they were all 'whailing women'. She did not even bother listening to the Indigo Girls. But then, somehow, she got in to them. Yay! She was an excited as I was when we went to Birmingham on Tuesday evening.

The gig was great. But not as much fun as it should have been. It was so totally hot in the small venue that half way through the show, JD had to get away from the front of the stage for fear of fainting. So we both made our way through the audience and sat at the back, listening to the wonderful music. We could not see Amy & Emily anymore as we were too far back. That was a shame but at least we did not faint. As said, the music was great but we were spending a lot of time thinking how hot it was, rather than enjoying the music. And not just us; the whole audience was very subdued.

I even considered going to manchester the night night or Sheffield the night after that. But with 3 hours travelling to get there, that would be unreasonable. Even I could see that. And don't believe I did not try all alternatives: Car, train, day off etc...... I can only hope they will be back soon and not need another 10 years!

My pictures all came out a bit rubbish but I did manage to shoot 3 little videos. If only I had videoed more!!

God Bless YouTube!!


Anonymous said...

Vergeten: familiekok apenstaart chello.nl. Ik kon de jouwe zo snel niet vinden...

Anonymous said...

guttegut, how does this comment get here?????

Dutchcloggie said...

OK, ik wist niet of het nog steeds hetzelfde adres was!

Anonymous said...

Slaat als een tang op een varken in dit verband, maar ik kon je mailadres nergens vinden. Wilde je even attenderen op de onderstaande link:


Groet uit Ypenburg! ;-)


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