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It's not easy being Treasurer

16 February 2007

I am treasurer (penningmeester for those who do not know!) of the rugby team. Yes, mum & dad, you can now laugh. Your daughter has control over the money of a rugby team. Me, the one who can not control her own money.

Controlling other people's money makes me extremely careful about spending it. Too careful I suspect. I hae spending team money out of fear that we may end up being out of money at some point. Our budget is not huge though. This year for the first time ever, we have more than £2000 in our account.

It is always a problem to get people involved in activities like fundraising and organising ttours etc. So we take any help we can get. However, as treasurer and member of The Committee, I MUST have some kind of control over what is spent and where the money goes. When someon eis organising a trip for the team, I need to know exactly what the budget is, how much players will have to pay and how much the Committee is going to subsidise. Only THEN do you tell people what we want them to pay and what everything will cost. Right? You would think that is simple.

Well apparently not. In the last few weeks I have had fits of hysterical, desperate crying with frustration abouut our upcoming tour. Well, it is not realy a tour. It is a one night trip to France to play a 1 day tournament.

People were told it was going to be cheap. I insisted on not booking flights until everyone who wants to come along had paid their contribution. Seems normal to me. But the extra wait made the flights more expensive. Don't book if they are over £x I said. But they were booked anyway. In the end the flights were about £45 more expensive than what people were initially told.

I tried and tried and tried to get those organising the tour to let me know a budget BEFORE telling people ho wmuch they would need to pay. I asked for receipts and so on. And nothign ever came my way. It was completely unclear what was happening. And yet I was the person eventually responsible for guarding other people's money.

Once people's flights were booked, they were locked in to agreeing with whatever the tour organisers decided to do (coach to the airport, nice playng shirts, booze, whatever). I tried to get some control over the project but time and again, there was no information coming.

I just had a huge angry crying fit last week. I was so confused. Why is it so hard for peopel to say: I want to do this, this and this and Ithink it will cost so much.

The end of it all is that there is a hole of more than £600 in the budget of a 1-day tour. People are complaining that instead of the predicted £100, they now have to pay £130. But even with that extra money, we will be left with a serious loss.

And I take that personally. Becasue I look after other people's money But through no fault of my own, I will end up having to tell people they might not get their new Team sweatshirts this year because, although this was a record fundraising year, we have run out of money. Under my watch.

Life sucks a bit at the moment when it comes to rugby. Due to my injuries I have not been picked in the 1st team. Humbug. I'll bloody show them.


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