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A new band....

07 February 2007

It is a bit like a relationship that is on-off-on-off all the time. In November, the band parted with the bass player. It turned out he did not like me and, without my knowledge, it became a her-or-me situation. He left.

We got a new bass player. Nice guy, great bass player, marked improvement on the last one.

I had noticed the drummer was unhappy but thought it might be because he lost his job. Then he quit on Sunday. I thought about it for a while and realised that I did not really want ot continue with the whole thing. After 1 months together, we had played all of 4 gigs and were still playing the same 12 songs we played when we started out. I am not a star musician in any way shape or form but I had hoped to be a bit further down the line after 12 months!

And so I too threw in the towel. As I said, like a relationship that is like a flickering light: eventually it will break down anyway so why prolong the misery? Obviously having to drive for an hour to get to the rehearsals was also a bit annoying but all that is not a problem if the band is going places……

But I do realise I quite like being in a band and so I did not waste much time and got on a website to find myself a new one, a bit closer to home. I am not too fussed about the repertoire, as long as the band is good fun.
So I sent an email to 2 bands looking for a singer and I got a reply from one of them. They seemed quite keen to meet up with me. Cool.
Which brings the whole relationship-comparison to the forefront of my mind again: the best way to get over a break-up is to get on with life and make yourself happy with someone else!!


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