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07 February 2007

Now that I have properly discovered rugby, I completely regret not having played it when I was younger. I think I could have been quite a good player. made the national team even? Who knows? I will never know as I am now officially getting too old for this.

Four weeks after a rupture of my ankle ligaments during a rugby match in Wellingborough, I have now injured my Achilles heel. It is the typical 'runners' injury': A stinging pain at the very bottom of my leg, almost on the bone, about an inch above the ground. Pain when I get up especially, feeling really stiff, getting slightly better during the day but still in no state to run around on a rugby pitch.

This season has been a nightmare so far starting with a strained quad, then RSI, then a shoulder injury, then the rupture of my ankle ligament and now this. All in all nothing major but enough to keep me from playing regularly and cementing my place in the team.

I should not complain though. Last Saturday saw the glorious return to rugby of Jonny Wilkinson. Now there is a man who has survived injury and pain, only to come back stronger. Since kicking the winning goal for England in the World Cup in 2003, Wilkinson had not played for England due to the following list of injuries:


* Nov - Fractures a facet in his shoulder on the way to World Cup win
* Dec - Suffers a recurrence of his shoulder injury


* Feb - Sees a specialist who says he needs an operation on his shoulder
* Oct - Ruled out for up to six weeks with a haematoma in the upper right arm


* Jan - Knee ligament damage
* Mar - Medial ligament damage to his left knee - the same knee from January
* Jul - Suffered a 'stinger' in his arm and shoulder area
* Sep - Appendix operation
* Nov - Major operation for groin problems


* Jan - Tears adductor muscle
* Sep - Knee ligament injury
* Nov - Kidney damage

So perhaps my injury problems are not really problems at all but juts little niggles………


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