28 March 2007

Lick a billboard

Chocolate manufacturer Thorntons is presenting the world's first edible billboard on March 29th. It will be up in Tottenham Court in London and weighs 285 kilos. Not sure exactly where it will be and what it will look like (hence the Artist's Impression I created) but I am sure if you follow the crowd, you will come across a large group of women licking a billboard and you know you have found it!!

27 March 2007

Nearly there...

Did I mention we are nearly champions with the rugby team?
I a beside myself with excitementt. One match to go and all we need is 1 point.
I have never played in a team before and I have never won anything with a team after months of hard work. I have won the odd talent contest but that is not the same as playing a sport for a season and ending up at the top of the league table at the end of it.

The excitement is killing me! If you are anywhere near Whitchurch on April 15th, come and cheer us on from 2.15pm for the final match of the season. I'll be the one in the gold & blue hoops!!

Did I mention I am excited?

Septoplasty, part 2

10 days after the surgery, I am beginning to doubt if it has made any difference at all. My mother already told me my dad had a similar operation years and years ago and that it did not help.

Well, for starters, they have not stitched it up properlyy and there is now a little bit of wild flesh o the right side of my septum. great. When I breathe, I can feel the air flow past it and itt tickles. I did not realise the lump was flesh so I have been furiously trying to pick it, thinking it was merely dried up blood and gunk. No wonder it kept bleeding. And when I look in the mirror, i can see more rough bits of flesh sticking out of my septum. Seems like the stitched it up with ragged edges instad of smoothly. Surely that does not help clear breathing?

Further more, the left nostril, the one that caused the promblem in the first place, is still very much smaller than the right one. if anything, it feels like they made the right one bigger and the left one smaller (Did they work on the wrong nostril, I wonder??)

The doctor told me it will take at least 6 weeks for the swelling to go down completely and for the real result to become clear. But the initial outcome is not very positive.

After all the effort and pain, I want a bloody result!! (No pun intended).

20 March 2007


Well, I am home after my Septoplasty. (Cost of around £3,200 if you get it done privately apparently) I had limited airflow through my left nostril and when I went to see the ENT specialist, before I knew it, I was on the waiting list for surgery......Not sure I really wanted it that bad but I did not think it was major surgery so what the heck. It could only make my life easier, right?

I thought it would be kind of a nasty operation and that was it. Well, not really. As you do, I only looked up Septoplasty on the internet AFTER I had the surgery done. And my God, if I had known......

It involves chopping up the septum (the bit that separates your nostrils), cutting away the bits that are not straight (oh irony...) and then stitching thew whole thing back together again. They then stuck big tampons up my nose (obviously I was asleep when they did this or I would have screamed!).

I stayed in the hospital overnight and in the morning they woke me up at 6am to remove the tampons. Absolutely excruciatingly painful. Imagine a bloody tampon up your nose, being slowly pulled out, past a bloody septum, past stiches and a nose so bruised it looks like you have been hit in the face during a rugby match.

Speaking of rugby, I was told that I can not play rugby for at least 6 weeks. What? We are about to win the title this year. We only have 4 matches left to play. No WAY that I was going to miss that. So when asking the doctor again, he said: Well, it really is only about 3 to 4 weeks but we say 6 anyway. Fine. 4 weeks it is then......I might JUST make the final match which is great of course if we do win the title.


I got sent home with a nose dripping with blood and gunk. For the first 2 days, I spent my time trying to avoid anything touching my nose, which was hard because I had some gauze strapped to my nose to stop me from leaving a trail on the floor....YEGH!!

Throb...throb...throb...all fucking day long.

Having to stay home from work for 5 days is not a problem. Having to stay indoors for 5 days is much more boring. Because of the risk of infection, I am not to leave the house. JD is home too and together was are having a lovely time. Watching The Closer, our latest police drama thing. Or NCIS, the latest police drama thing before we discovered The Closer.
Or, alternatively, we spend time playing Call of Duty on the PC or playing silly quizzes (How many US states can you name in 10 minuts.....harder than you think. But then again, ask an American to name as many English counties as he can in 2 hours and he might get one "erhm....London?")

11 March 2007

Divided loyalty

I have a problem...one of luxury but still.....

I started my rugby carreer *ahem* playing for Old Leamingtonians in Leamington Spa, where we used to live. After 3 years, we have now moved to Northampton, about 1 hour driving from Leamington Spa. Until 3 weeks ago, Northampton did not have a women's rugby team so we stayed with Old Leamingtonians RFC. Why leave when we have really found our little space there, JD is very much involved with running the club, organising more than just the Women's section, I do the finances and website for the club etc. Driving an hour to get to training... small price to pay for all the satisfaction it gives us. JD can not play anymore because of her brain so the fact that she has now found a new place in the club by being very active on other fronts really makes me happy as it keeps her involved.

But now Old Northamptonians, a club just around the corner from where we live (I can really see their pitches fom my bedroom window, that is how close) have started a women's team. A new team usually does not play a regular leage for a few years because new teams tend to struggle finding players and peopel who are willing to put lot of hours in to get the whole structure off the ground. So I am not sure I want to get involved with them when I can not be sure there is a team ready to play rugby every week.

However, it is only 5 minutes cycling from where we live. And it could be fun to be involved in building something up from the start. It would mean recognition and appreciation. It could be exciting. It would be closer. Easier. But potentially more frustrating due to having to do everything from scratch.

So what to do? If I switch to the new club, will JD feel she has to switch too? Will she want to start again, cementing a place for herself as a non-player at a club where nobody knows her, now that she has finally found a way to stay involved in rugby without feeling bitter about not playing anymore? Do I want to join a new team? I am not really fussed about the issue of loyalty to Old Leamingtonians. Players come and go and although some of the people are really really nice, I don't think we have made any New Best Friends that we would be leaving behind. We will always stay in touch with those who are real friends and we would make new ones too.

I think I might just go along to one of their training sessions and see what the deal is. If I do end up switching, next year or maybe the year after would be the earliest anyway. And there is of course the risk that, if we switch to a club that is so close to home, we would be spending a ridiculous amount of time there, being involved in all kinds of things.

And their website is rubbish so there is a lot of work there that I could potentially do:-)

08 March 2007


Weird things happen. Things break. But nothing as weird as this has happened to me in a while. I woke up from too much light through the window. So I got up and closed the blinds. And as I walked past the radiator in the bedroom, the whole bloody thing just...fell off the wall!

It just flopped forward onto the floor, narrowly missing my toes. The copper tubes did not rip, they just bent as the thing was lying on the floor...Quite stunned, I woke up JD who mumbled something like "Oh Shit" and went back to sleep again.

In the morning, I looked at the situation again and noticed that what I thought was a wall really is nothing more than plasterboard of about half an inch. Clearly, the plasterboard was not strong enough to support the weigght of a radiator. There was already damage to the wall when we moved in so someone must have walked in too the thing previously.

When ringing the letting agency, she sounded like she did not believe what had happened. I got JD to check the inventory we signed when we moved in. And thank goodness it mentions on it: Radiator loose from the wall. Now obviously this is an addition JD has made in her hadwritten notes so they are not on the official records of the letting agents.

It will be interesting to see what happens next. In the mean time, there is a radiator on my floor.....

05 March 2007

Happy Brain

Almost forgot to tell you all: JD went to see the Brain Man in hospital last week for a check up. All is well. Since the tumour was removed in June 2005, it has not changed, not grown, not anything. That is very good news obviously and has made both JD and me much happpier and more relaxed. She only needs to see him again in January 2008 so until then, there is no need to think about The Brain. Great. Liking that.