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08 March 2007

Weird things happen. Things break. But nothing as weird as this has happened to me in a while. I woke up from too much light through the window. So I got up and closed the blinds. And as I walked past the radiator in the bedroom, the whole bloody thing just...fell off the wall!

It just flopped forward onto the floor, narrowly missing my toes. The copper tubes did not rip, they just bent as the thing was lying on the floor...Quite stunned, I woke up JD who mumbled something like "Oh Shit" and went back to sleep again.

In the morning, I looked at the situation again and noticed that what I thought was a wall really is nothing more than plasterboard of about half an inch. Clearly, the plasterboard was not strong enough to support the weigght of a radiator. There was already damage to the wall when we moved in so someone must have walked in too the thing previously.

When ringing the letting agency, she sounded like she did not believe what had happened. I got JD to check the inventory we signed when we moved in. And thank goodness it mentions on it: Radiator loose from the wall. Now obviously this is an addition JD has made in her hadwritten notes so they are not on the official records of the letting agents.

It will be interesting to see what happens next. In the mean time, there is a radiator on my floor.....


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