11 March 2007

Divided loyalty

I have a problem...one of luxury but still.....

I started my rugby carreer *ahem* playing for Old Leamingtonians in Leamington Spa, where we used to live. After 3 years, we have now moved to Northampton, about 1 hour driving from Leamington Spa. Until 3 weeks ago, Northampton did not have a women's rugby team so we stayed with Old Leamingtonians RFC. Why leave when we have really found our little space there, JD is very much involved with running the club, organising more than just the Women's section, I do the finances and website for the club etc. Driving an hour to get to training... small price to pay for all the satisfaction it gives us. JD can not play anymore because of her brain so the fact that she has now found a new place in the club by being very active on other fronts really makes me happy as it keeps her involved.

But now Old Northamptonians, a club just around the corner from where we live (I can really see their pitches fom my bedroom window, that is how close) have started a women's team. A new team usually does not play a regular leage for a few years because new teams tend to struggle finding players and peopel who are willing to put lot of hours in to get the whole structure off the ground. So I am not sure I want to get involved with them when I can not be sure there is a team ready to play rugby every week.

However, it is only 5 minutes cycling from where we live. And it could be fun to be involved in building something up from the start. It would mean recognition and appreciation. It could be exciting. It would be closer. Easier. But potentially more frustrating due to having to do everything from scratch.

So what to do? If I switch to the new club, will JD feel she has to switch too? Will she want to start again, cementing a place for herself as a non-player at a club where nobody knows her, now that she has finally found a way to stay involved in rugby without feeling bitter about not playing anymore? Do I want to join a new team? I am not really fussed about the issue of loyalty to Old Leamingtonians. Players come and go and although some of the people are really really nice, I don't think we have made any New Best Friends that we would be leaving behind. We will always stay in touch with those who are real friends and we would make new ones too.

I think I might just go along to one of their training sessions and see what the deal is. If I do end up switching, next year or maybe the year after would be the earliest anyway. And there is of course the risk that, if we switch to a club that is so close to home, we would be spending a ridiculous amount of time there, being involved in all kinds of things.

And their website is rubbish so there is a lot of work there that I could potentially do:-)

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  1. Het is denk ik wel belangrijk om sociale contacten te krijgen in een nieuwe woonplaats.Dat betekent niet dat je je andere vrienden niet meer ziet.Wat betreft jouw probleem hoe het met J. dan moet kan zij er zelf voor kiezen om wel of niet over te stappen.Bij een nieuwe club met ook allemaal nieuwe mensen is ze dan weer snel opgenomen.
    Ze heeft genoeg in huis om zich daar verdienstelijk te maken.
    Jullie grenzen moeten jullie zelf bepalen en afspreken.(en dan ook bewaken)
    Denk ook eens aan de reiskosten die dan wegvallen,kun je best leuke dingen van doen(een etentje met je vrienden bijv.)
    Kortom het is ook weer een leuke uitdaging
    Wil je liever bij je oude kluppie blijven, moeten jullie dat gewoon doen.Jullie zijn daar gewend maar het lijkt de moeite waard om eerst eens in Northampton te gaan kijken