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Septoplasty, part 2

27 March 2007

10 days after the surgery, I am beginning to doubt if it has made any difference at all. My mother already told me my dad had a similar operation years and years ago and that it did not help.

Well, for starters, they have not stitched it up properlyy and there is now a little bit of wild flesh o the right side of my septum. great. When I breathe, I can feel the air flow past it and itt tickles. I did not realise the lump was flesh so I have been furiously trying to pick it, thinking it was merely dried up blood and gunk. No wonder it kept bleeding. And when I look in the mirror, i can see more rough bits of flesh sticking out of my septum. Seems like the stitched it up with ragged edges instad of smoothly. Surely that does not help clear breathing?

Further more, the left nostril, the one that caused the promblem in the first place, is still very much smaller than the right one. if anything, it feels like they made the right one bigger and the left one smaller (Did they work on the wrong nostril, I wonder??)

The doctor told me it will take at least 6 weeks for the swelling to go down completely and for the real result to become clear. But the initial outcome is not very positive.

After all the effort and pain, I want a bloody result!! (No pun intended).


Anonymous said...

I had the same surgery three weeks ago. After the surgery, I have the same problem like yours. Has your swelling gone away and the right side nostril got bigger now?

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