20 March 2007


Well, I am home after my Septoplasty. (Cost of around £3,200 if you get it done privately apparently) I had limited airflow through my left nostril and when I went to see the ENT specialist, before I knew it, I was on the waiting list for surgery......Not sure I really wanted it that bad but I did not think it was major surgery so what the heck. It could only make my life easier, right?

I thought it would be kind of a nasty operation and that was it. Well, not really. As you do, I only looked up Septoplasty on the internet AFTER I had the surgery done. And my God, if I had known......

It involves chopping up the septum (the bit that separates your nostrils), cutting away the bits that are not straight (oh irony...) and then stitching thew whole thing back together again. They then stuck big tampons up my nose (obviously I was asleep when they did this or I would have screamed!).

I stayed in the hospital overnight and in the morning they woke me up at 6am to remove the tampons. Absolutely excruciatingly painful. Imagine a bloody tampon up your nose, being slowly pulled out, past a bloody septum, past stiches and a nose so bruised it looks like you have been hit in the face during a rugby match.

Speaking of rugby, I was told that I can not play rugby for at least 6 weeks. What? We are about to win the title this year. We only have 4 matches left to play. No WAY that I was going to miss that. So when asking the doctor again, he said: Well, it really is only about 3 to 4 weeks but we say 6 anyway. Fine. 4 weeks it is then......I might JUST make the final match which is great of course if we do win the title.


I got sent home with a nose dripping with blood and gunk. For the first 2 days, I spent my time trying to avoid anything touching my nose, which was hard because I had some gauze strapped to my nose to stop me from leaving a trail on the floor....YEGH!!

Throb...throb...throb...all fucking day long.

Having to stay home from work for 5 days is not a problem. Having to stay indoors for 5 days is much more boring. Because of the risk of infection, I am not to leave the house. JD is home too and together was are having a lovely time. Watching The Closer, our latest police drama thing. Or NCIS, the latest police drama thing before we discovered The Closer.
Or, alternatively, we spend time playing Call of Duty on the PC or playing silly quizzes (How many US states can you name in 10 minuts.....harder than you think. But then again, ask an American to name as many English counties as he can in 2 hours and he might get one "erhm....London?")

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