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Douce France

11 April 2007

And so we went to France this weekend to play some rugby for fun. The result: 1 twistd knee and 1 broken collar bone. Not good news for the team as we are hoping to win the league title this Sunday and losing 2 key players is less than positive.

In france you are not allowed to play more than 80 minutes of rugby per day and after each 80 minutes, you need 3 days rest. So all the matches were only 12 minutes long with no half time. We lost all of them. Humbug.

I did not play as I am still struggling with my nose. Just as well because I spent most of my time in hospital with our inside centre who fractured her collar bone.

I am not playing in The Match this Sunday becasue my nose has still not healed. I am very pissed off about that. I understand the coach: I am injured so I don't play. But I am angry at myself. I planned this surgery at a stupid time, putting myself in this position. And the worst is that so far, it has made no difference, in fact it feels like it has gotten worse, not better. So I am angry and dissapointed because I have never won anything with a team in my life. This was goingg to be the Big Moment. And now, I will just be standing there, bringing water bottles to the girls who will be doing the actual rugby on the pitch. And for what? For nothing because I can still not breathe. And itt wasn't so bad before the surgery anyway. I just thought: oh well, let's have it done and it will all be fine soon.



Anonymous said...

kan me voorstellen dat je er verschrikkelijk de pé in hebt.


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