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19 April 2007

This week has been one full of Battle of the Sexes moments here in England.

Men have it hard these days. All around them, claims that women are (HORROR!!!) equal or better at certain things.

First there was a debate about who works harder: Men or women. Of course that is a ridiculous question but it seems that men don't think women work very hard becasue they do not take the housework as real work. On the other hand, women think all men have to do is work from 9 to 5 and that is it so they claim they work much harder. Cue sexists radio phone-ins and Internet forums.

"Lets take nagging for example - Women don't have to work at it at all as it comes naturally to them."

"Last night I saw a woman driving a police car. Whatever next?"

"As far as I can count (as a woman), it seems that more men have posted on this topic. Evidently, they work much harder. Yeah, yeah."

No sooner was that debate put to bed or the next one erupted. The BBC announced that, 34 years after Julie Welch was the first woman to write a football match report for a newspaper, Jaqui Oatley was going to be the first female football commentator on Match off the Day, BBC's flagship football program.

Men from all walks oof life rushed in to defend their holy shrine of football. They claimed women do not talk but shriek. hey claim women do not know football. They claim women should only do women's matches etc. etc.
The shocking thing about it all is that these men were allowed to say all their misogynist things without much debate. And not just stupid men, but football managers, people from the professional football clubs etc.


A former manager whose name nobody remembers (he can't have been very good...) said: "you must have an understanding of the game and tactics, and in order to do that you need to have played the game." Well, that makes it easy then because Oatley was a keen amateur footballer until the age of 27, when she was stretchered off the pitch with a dislocated kneecap and ruptured ligaments.

"There's something about the pitch of a male commentator's voice which makes it believable even when its owner is talking complete rubbish," says Welch. Leaving aside the possibility that this might explain why so many men in the game liberally spout nonsense without fear, the implication is that a woman's pitch and cadence lack conviction."

Thank goodness for Paula Cocazza who writes about this ridiculous issue in The Guardian. Shhe puts these blokes right back in their place.

ow personally, I don't really like the soundd of a woman's voice on AM radio in a live match report. Nothign do with being a woman but just the pitch of the voice. But this is, I suspect, related to listening to it on AM Radio. On TV, commentary usually is a bit more calm and I just do not understand why men have to so insecure that they have a problem with a woman.

I think it actually all reflects rather badly on 'the modern man'. Just shows their layyer of 'I am modern andd understanding' is only wafer thin.


minispace said...

Rediculous - this piece is full of stupid generalisations. I've got one too: "all lesbians hate men".

The whole man-woman dicussion is a big yawn anyway. There are simply situations where women feel more comfortable amongst women and men amongst men.

Sport, particularly football, is simply a way for many men to get away from yes, the 'nagging wife' and be amongst themselves.

Marieke said...

Erhm..these generalisations are not mine really! I am not slagging off men in this piece....merely wondering why most of the men I have heard over the past few days seem to be very troubled by a woman doing football and some childish debate on who works harder.

I agree: it is a yawn. That is my whole point. But who said that football belongs to men? Becaue traditionally women did not go to matches? Or because traditionally men did not allow women to go to matches because decades ago women were not supposed to behave in an 'enthusiastic fashion' in public?
It belongs to everybody. It certainly belongs to the growing number of women who pay big money for tickets to see matches. So now a woman does a report on football. So what. I just don't understand why this is such a big thing for the men I have heard this week and why they are so defensive and most of the time, downright sexist about it. It is not like they are suddenly having mixed teams (Now THAT I would disagree with!!)

No offence but you too are immideately annoyed/angry/upset. About what? I am not slagging men off in general. Just those stupid ones who feel threatened by a woman doing football reports. And those who feel women do not work as hard as men. Or those men (and women) who think that is even a debate worth having.

I don't hate men. I hate biggots, be they male or female. I hate women who claim they work harder than men to. Becasue it does not compare. I hate women who feel equality can only be achieved by being as annoying and man-hating as possible.

So calm down. I don't hate men. And I certainly don't hate you.....in fact, I kind of like you....

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