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We won the league!!

16 April 2007

I didn't play in the last match of the season yesterday (I didn't expect to really) but it was still quite fab. The match was rubbish so after the final whistle, we all felt a bit down that we could not finish in style. But after an hour or so, things got better as we realised we had actually won the league title!!
I have never really won anything in a team sport (never done any team sport) so I felt it all quite special.

What better way to say goodbye to our coach, Tim Burden, who has been great for the past 3 years. And what a great way for our Captain, Christie Honor, to pass on the Captain's armband to someone new.

Even better is that the women's team is still the only team in the club that has ever won a title!! I am not gloating but which other club can say that their ladies' team is without question the most succesful senior 'section' they have? The men have never been promoted in their 75 years. The women have played Premiership Rugby (ok, that was almost 10 years ago, but still!!) and won a few titles in their 20 year history.

Hopefully next year the men can gain promotion bck into the league they were relegated from last year. Would be nice!!

in the mean time, WE WON THE LEAGUE!!!!


Kristel said...

Geweldig!!! Stoer!!?! en meer van dat soor superlatieven!!!!! Lachen man! Nog dronken van gister?

Anonymous said...


JD x

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