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17 May 2007

Rugby is a sport for men. I can accept that. However, the ladies' team at my club is more successful than the men. You would think that means we get taken seriously. And sometimes we do.
But lately things have been, well, shit.

First, the men's season ended a few weeks before ours and so they simply disabled the floodlights on the training pitch. of course this meant the women had no light to train with at night. When asking about this, they said: well, you can just start an hour earlier and you will catch the light. Right. End work at 5.30, be out training at 6.30, having driven home, had food, driven to the club and changed into rugby gear.

Then, one of our girls hired the club for a function. They forgot to organise bar staff and forgot to order beer. So she had to ask visitors to her party to do bar work. And to top it all off, she was told that she must clean everything up at the end of the night as someone else had hired the club in the morning. Normally, the person hiring the venue does not have to clean it at the end of the night...

But wait, it gets worse.

The club needs a new kitchen. Fair enough. So they need to take the walls down, take all the equipment out and do refurbishing work. to do this, they picked a week with nothing in the diary.

WRONG! It is the women's annual awards dinner that week. But apparently that qualifies as 'nothing'. So, our dinner will now be prepared by the caterers in the Members' Lounge, using microwaves. And to make things even more ridiculous, we have been asked if the caterers can take the dirty dishes home because with the kitchen out of order, there is not a lot of space to wash up.

Are they out of their minds? I am looking at organising the dinner elsewhere at short notice and I will most certainly not organise ANYTHING at the club again.
I have gotten through this entire post without swearing but I can not help it.



Kristel said...

You were so close!! Haha

Anonymous said...

Schandalig !!
Dit is gewoon desinteresse.
En ook echt amateurswerk.
Goed voor de motivatie.

Nancy said...

Dit is echt zo stom. Ik snap die gasten niet! Het is gewoon jaloezie omdat jullie het beter doen!:O) Probeer het je niet aan te trekken.

Dutchcloggie said...

Was dat maar zo. Dan kan je nog kwaad worden en proberen iets te veranderen. Het is gewoon onnadenkendheid. Deinsteresse. En dat heb je of je hebt het niet. Daar kun je weinig aan veranderen. Het zijn gewoon kerels die niet verder kijken dan hun neus lang is.

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