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How much!!£@%$@£$??????

01 May 2007

Our car needs an MOT (APK voor onze Nederlandse lezers). Just got a call from the garage to let me know it is going to fail the MOT.
Things wrong with the car:

Exhaust corroded. Needs replacing. £290.69
New tyre (irrepairable puncture in brand new tyre!!): £43
Light bulb: £7.95
Airflow meter broken: £70
Nearside shockabsorber is leaking oil: £145.01
Off-side bottom arm needs replacing: £139.79

A grand total of almost £700!! Now the last 2 things on the list are not actually required to pass the MOT but need to be done soon they said. But who am I to know? How do I know they are not ripping me off? And even if they are, how would I know that the cheaper garage I might take it to is actually doing a good job?

I bet dealers count on people assuming that drivers prefer an official dealer to repair their cars for fear of rogue traders. Hence they have high prices....

Damn! There goes my holiday for this year and next year!

Take a tip from me: just don't have your car tested, then you willnever be told you need to have repairs done. Just keep driving until it falls apart and all will be fine......


JD said...

Having a car that you have have a bit of confidence in...priceless!

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