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02 May 2007

For the second time this week, BBC Radio 5 live read out one of my text messages. Yay! Last saturday, when the weather was fabulous, they told people to text in what they would do on a sunny day like Saturday. So I texted that it was perfect weather for the Women's Rugby Tournament that I was organising in Leamington Spa. And they read that out! 5 minutes later, our coach sent me a text message to say she had heard it!

This morning, they were asking: What is the most satisfying thing in the world. So I texted: The look on my wife's face when I wake her with a nice cup of tea.

Bit cheesey, I know but still, very true because JD has a lovely sleepy smile when I say the word Tea in the morning.

So when they read it out, I was feeling very smug because JD was all touched and cuddly after that!! Yay!

I have sent text messages before but I think they did not read them out because they can not pronounce my name correctly. So now I just spelt it phonetically, to make it easier for them. Perhaps that is what did it...

Either way, I scored brownie points with JD!!


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