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PHP, MySQL, jos_tables and other rubbish

13 May 2007

As the webmaster (or should that be webmistress???) of the website of my rugby club, I am responsible for making sure the thing works. Until last week, that was easy enough: ignore all warnings about security and hope it does not happen to you.

And then of course it does. The site got hacked. And all I had to do was find an old index.php file and replace the one the hackers had left instead. Of course I had no back-up of the site and in my impulsive way, I did what I alwasy do: Deleted the whole thing and started from scratch. A lot of work and a lot of people asking where the hell the old site has gone.

Because it does mean that we have lost ALL content from the site that was there. Oh I have a back up of the old database. But not the knowledge to import that back in to the new site.


So now I am learning about PHPMyAdmin, MySQL database queries, jos_tables and the like. Sometimes something suddenly changes and it looks like I may have done something right. But most of the time, I do something and nothing happens.

But at least I am learning something. I think.


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