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07 June 2007

JD & I are now proud aunties of Federika Anna Affinito. We call her 'Bob' because Federika sounds like Federer, Roger Federer and Bob is short for Roger. Along that line, we could actually call her Kate. In Blakcaddder II, a girl named Kate pretends to be a boy when she starts working for Lord Blackadder. However, when Blackadder points out that 'Kate' is a girl's name, she quickly claims it is short for 'Bob'.
My sister gave birth to her last week and JD & I went to say hello to the new-born. Of course I came down with a full-blown cold 2 days before so I have only held Federika (aka Bob ) for a little while as I did not want to infect her with any nastiness.
Bob is very sweet and I am extremely proud of my sister as it has not been easy to get pregnant and the birth-thing wasn't pleasant either. I know that she will do a great job, even if it is hard sometimes!

Go Sis!!

The trip was not all great unfortunately. Most frustratingly it was marred by yet more Windows Vista-trouble! Sister bought a new laptop and I could not get the wireless networking on it set up. Vista would spot the network but even when I turned all protection on it off, it said it could not connect because there was no response from the router! AAARRGHHH!

Then the car, which is in the garage for repairs to the fuel lines (don't even start me off on that story!!!) was NOT going to be ready for us to pick up from the dealer on our way home on Wednesday. So we had to get home by train from Coventry Airport.

The trip home started with a massive traffic jam, leaving us only minutes to check in at the airport. Then, whilst in Departure, a mini van full off engineers turned up at the plane and walked around, stroking their beards in a pensive fashion before pulling out their screwdrivers. After 45 minutes, we were good to go. We only just managed to get the train in Coventry but fell asleep and instead of getting off at Northampton, we woke up only to get off in Milton Keynes!! Luckily there was one more train at 00.20 back to Northampton so in the end, we got home at 1am. Not too bad but we were so tired!!!!


Nancy said...

He, gefeliciteerd met jullie nichtje. Ze ziet er schattig uit. Wie weet wordt ze later wel ook een tennisster:O)

Dutchcloggie said...

ook? Ik kan nog geen bal raken op een meter afstand!!!

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