20 July 2007

Northampton sucks!

OK. I can understand when someone steals a bike. Not nice when it is MY bike but hey, these things happen.
I get a bit more irate when someone then steals JD's bike as well, leaving us with no wheels at all.
JD borrows a friend's bike and I get myself a new bike. All is well with the world.

Until this morning.

When I found some Northampton arsehole has stolen the rear wheel of my friend's bike!!

I have had more bike-related theft in the past 6 weeks than I have had in my entire life in Holland. Clearly bikes are still seen as valuable here so lots of them get stolen. But why me? Why us? When we are going on holiday tomorrow!!!!

Just as well I got a pay rise yesterday. I knew it wouldn't last, that good feeling we had yesterday.

1 comment:

  1. Northampton sucks for more reasons than that. It's becoming the next Boulder, Colorado for all we know, and people shoudl've expected it. It heavily relies on its commerce, which doesn't fair well because become don't make much money out there, and only has one academic institution to make a name for itself to attract children of families who are rich enough to send their kids to private college.

    people there are racist, sexist, homophobic, and grimey. I'm glad there's a bridge between there and Amherst, otherwise it would be too easy for the freaks to come across the river into wonderful Amherst. Northampton is like Boulder as Boston is to Denver.