20 August 2007

Death and life in a few days

The past week has been seriously busy. First I was involved in filming a Road Safety Campaign that involved people dying in a car crash. Dan has posted some fabulous pictures of this on his Facebook profile but for those who can not see them there, I have posted a few here. Remember: It is all fake! The actors were all really good and the make up was fabulous. We had to film in a real mortuary and one of the poor actors had to get on top of the autopsy table and lie still for almost an hour whilst his 'parents' identified his body. The Mortuary Technician said it was really strange to have a body moving on the table. I suppose it doesn't usually happen:-)

The crew was really nice and even though we got totally rained off on the first day, things went pretty well overall. It seemed to really make people think about the impact of speeding and drinking and driving. So much so that the traditional Wrap Beer was canceled and we all kind of went home, thinking we would swear off the booze forever and never speed again.

The whole experience was slightly strange, especially since the pictures of the event all look so real and I felt like a voyeur standing so close to the ambulance crew when they were 'rescuing' the victims.

Once that was all done, JD & I went to Leamington Spa on Saturday to take part in the the Cancer Research UK Relay for Life. Walking for 24 hours to raise cash for Cancer Research UK. It rained the whole time but fortunately JD & I had brought our Big Tent and we could all sit in there and be social whilst the others were out on the track walking around. We raised £20,000 with the event in total so that was all quite good.

12 August 2007

You think you matter to people? Think again...

Time for a moment of childish disappointment but disappointment never the less.

To those 7 people who remembered my birthday (This figure includes my parents, my partner, my colleagues and my grandmother!): Thanks.
To those who forgot (Just about eveybody else I know): Thanks for nothing.

There are some people I will 'forgive' for not remembering. My sister just had a baby so she is busy. My aunties and uncles I hardly speak to anyway as I don't send cards or call them for their birthdays either either. So I am not too fussed about that.

But of the 25 girls from the rugby team for example, only 2 remembered or bothered to remember. I always send people at least a text message for their birthday.

I have recently decided to join a different rugby club. One that is not an hour driving from where I live now. One that is only 15 minutes away. So I told people of Old Leamingtonians RFC that I was leaving. How many people replied to that email to say anything nice or even just to say goodbye? 2 people. One who is no longer a player there anyway!

So I am feeling much better about leaving the club because it seems nobody cares anyway. I must have been crazy to think that being treasurer (Leaving the team with £1,200 in the account) and PR secretary (having generated more newspaper coverage than just about anyone else ever), creating and maintaining a completely new, fantastic club website that everyone is enthusiastic about was worth something to people. I was wrong. Fine. I don't need people to tell me how fantastic I am (I'm not, really!) but it would be nice if some people would have bothered to send me a note or at least give me the feeling I have done good things for the team.

Call me childish but if nobody botheres to say goodbye and if nobody bothers to remember your birthday, it might be a sign that it was time to go anyway.

I am actually looking forward to playing for a new club and just focus on playing rugby for a while, without getting involved in the politics of things. But knowing myself, I'll soon offer to help out with things here and there. Oh well, at least I won't have to drive for an hour to get to the club anymore.
Old Leams will always have a special place with me. It was the first team I played rugby for. It was the first time I really played a team sport and felt part of a team. It was the first time I actually won a title! But now it is time to move on. And the past few days have only showed me that now is as good a time as ever. If that makes me sound childish, so be it.Perhaps it is that time of the month. Or perhaps it is just me. Whatever.

03 August 2007

Wet wet Cornwall

JD & I went on holiday to Cornwall last week. In a tent. As we drove, we were chuckling about those poor folks stuck on the M5 in the floods. That wouldn't happen to us! Surely not.

Well, it didn't really but of course it was the wettest week in history and we were in Cornwall in a tiny tent. So tiny in fact that after 3 days of rain, I got claustrophobia and went to Millets to buy a new tent. A bigger one that would at least enable us to sit and cook inside without having to lie in bed!

In the end, the week was not bad as things improved a lot after the Big Tent arrived. Well, a small glitch was when the tent pole of the new tent snapped the first time we put it up. But there is nothing Duck Tape can not stick together so it was all good in the end.

Of course since we have been back, not a drop of rain has fallen and summer has finally started. We are going to Italy the last week of August with my parents so with a bit of luck that should be warm and dry!