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Death and life in a few days

20 August 2007

The past week has been seriously busy. First I was involved in filming a Road Safety Campaign that involved people dying in a car crash. Dan has posted some fabulous pictures of this on his Facebook profile but for those who can not see them there, I have posted a few here. Remember: It is all fake! The actors were all really good and the make up was fabulous. We had to film in a real mortuary and one of the poor actors had to get on top of the autopsy table and lie still for almost an hour whilst his 'parents' identified his body. The Mortuary Technician said it was really strange to have a body moving on the table. I suppose it doesn't usually happen:-)

The crew was really nice and even though we got totally rained off on the first day, things went pretty well overall. It seemed to really make people think about the impact of speeding and drinking and driving. So much so that the traditional Wrap Beer was canceled and we all kind of went home, thinking we would swear off the booze forever and never speed again.

The whole experience was slightly strange, especially since the pictures of the event all look so real and I felt like a voyeur standing so close to the ambulance crew when they were 'rescuing' the victims.

Once that was all done, JD & I went to Leamington Spa on Saturday to take part in the the Cancer Research UK Relay for Life. Walking for 24 hours to raise cash for Cancer Research UK. It rained the whole time but fortunately JD & I had brought our Big Tent and we could all sit in there and be social whilst the others were out on the track walking around. We raised £20,000 with the event in total so that was all quite good.


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