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Wet wet Cornwall

03 August 2007

JD & I went on holiday to Cornwall last week. In a tent. As we drove, we were chuckling about those poor folks stuck on the M5 in the floods. That wouldn't happen to us! Surely not.

Well, it didn't really but of course it was the wettest week in history and we were in Cornwall in a tiny tent. So tiny in fact that after 3 days of rain, I got claustrophobia and went to Millets to buy a new tent. A bigger one that would at least enable us to sit and cook inside without having to lie in bed!

In the end, the week was not bad as things improved a lot after the Big Tent arrived. Well, a small glitch was when the tent pole of the new tent snapped the first time we put it up. But there is nothing Duck Tape can not stick together so it was all good in the end.

Of course since we have been back, not a drop of rain has fallen and summer has finally started. We are going to Italy the last week of August with my parents so with a bit of luck that should be warm and dry!


Anonymous said...

De ware kampeerder ken niet zonder ducktape,dat zegt ik.(vrij naar de Gammareclame)

Dutchcloggie said...


Alles goed?

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