17 September 2007

Lots to look forward to...

In the next few weeks & months (in no particular order):

- Seeing my little niece Bob and a few old friends again in October
- Jodie Foster's new film 'The Brave One'.
- Weekends with JD
- Celebrating my nan's 80th birthday in October
- Starting the new rugby season with a new team
- Being able to just play rugby again without being involved in the politics of committees etc.
- More opportunities for development at work
- Watching JD play/fight (?) at fencing
- Fantasising about maybe buying a flat one day
- Paying off my student loan (about time at 32!)
- Snowboard/ski trip with JD
- A WORKING computer from Mesh (not holding my breath on that one!)
- JD hopefully being taken off her anti-seizure medication

In the next few years:

- Watching JD getting her PhD from University
- Buying our own place
- Watching JD become county champion at fencing
- Seeing Bob grow up and find out she is just like me
- Being happy in general

There are lots of things I am NOT looking forward to but sometimes it is good to take a moment and realise there is always something, no matter how trivial, that is worth looking forward to.

06 September 2007

Title Here...

I never know what to call my little posts, especially when they really are just updates about a whole bunch of things.

1st of all, JD & I went on holiday again! This time we went to Bettona in Italy with my parents and my aunt. It was really really really hot but very nice as the house we were staying in had a big pool to cool off in.From the balcony, you could follow the planes on their way to landing at Perugia Airport (See picture of me & my dad...) JD & I spent a day in Rome before going home. Again, very hot but very interesting too.

My mother said that JD & I are starting to look alike, the longer we are together. I know that is what peopel always say about couples but in our case she might be right. We have the same phone, we have the same shoes, we like similar music and the other day, the final proof came in the most bizarre way.

I went to buy a new watch. I looked at all kinds of watches and then settled for a nice one with a white clock face. I came home and JD said: Oh, you have bought the same watch I have but mine has a black clock face..... I had not recognised it in the shop. All I wanted was 'something like JD's watch as I like that kind.' I ended up buying the exact same watch...... how freaky.