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Lots to look forward to...

17 September 2007

In the next few weeks & months (in no particular order):

- Seeing my little niece Bob and a few old friends again in October
- Jodie Foster's new film 'The Brave One'.
- Weekends with JD
- Celebrating my nan's 80th birthday in October
- Starting the new rugby season with a new team
- Being able to just play rugby again without being involved in the politics of committees etc.
- More opportunities for development at work
- Watching JD play/fight (?) at fencing
- Fantasising about maybe buying a flat one day
- Paying off my student loan (about time at 32!)
- Snowboard/ski trip with JD
- A WORKING computer from Mesh (not holding my breath on that one!)
- JD hopefully being taken off her anti-seizure medication

In the next few years:

- Watching JD getting her PhD from University
- Buying our own place
- Watching JD become county champion at fencing
- Seeing Bob grow up and find out she is just like me
- Being happy in general

There are lots of things I am NOT looking forward to but sometimes it is good to take a moment and realise there is always something, no matter how trivial, that is worth looking forward to.


Anonymous said...

Jammer dat Bob geen linkje heeft... :-) She loves the camera!

Dutchcloggie said...

Tja, ik ga natuurlijk niet zomaar linken naar andermans kinderen. Maar als jij het goed vindt...

Nancy said...

Federika ziet er heel lief uit:O)

Anonymous said...

Bedankt Nancy. We hebben er ook erg ons best op gedaan! ;-))

Nancy said...


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