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Relationships are like bean bags...

24 October 2007

During a particularly deep and meaningful talk about our relationship, I came to the conclusion that relationships are like bean bags.
Huh? I hear you think.

Well, as I explained to JD, a bean bags takes a certain shape when you first sit down on it. And usually, that shape fits around you perfectly. So no need to move. But after a while of having sat in the bean bag, you start to feel a bit stiff and you think: "I need to stretch my legs, change position, get back to that feeling I had when I first sat down in it and the beans shaped to envelop my body to create a perfect match."

So, you get up, grab the bean bag and give it a good shake. If you do it right, the bag will look familiar (it is after all still the same bag) but it will feel like a rejuvenated bean bag and if you are lucky, it will even feel the same and yet new and different.

Just repeat the process whenever you feel stiffness and pain and you will enjoy your bean bag for the rest of your life.

In extreme cases you might even think:"What a useless piece of junk this bean bag! I anticipated to be sitting in the same position for the rest of my life without pain but now I am feeling stiff and my legs hurt. I am ggoingg to throw it away and buy a new one! Why bother with trying to repair/change it? It is still the same bean bag, no matter how you sit in it and since I am uncomfortable now, there is no way this same bean bag can make me comfortable again."

If that is how you feel about your beanbag, then you might indeed want to get a new one and give your old one a retirement.

See, just like a relationship: it gets a bit stale sometimes so you either shake it up or ditch it. I personally think regular shake-ups are great. Small shakes, big shakes, which ever suits you best at the time.


Tracy said...

Good analogy.

I agree that shake ups can be helpful.

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