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Call of Duty

05 December 2007

I never understood computer games. They are not my thing, they still aren't and my eye-hand co-ordination is rubbish so I am never any good at them.

When I started working at Engine, I was first introduced to Call of Duty, a war-game they play here at the end of the day. For 20 minutes, everyone sits with their headphones on and tries to shoot each other. Wanting to fit in, I joined in with all the boys (no other women working here). We are now more than a year after I started working here. I am still completely rubbish at Call of Duty but boy is it fun. A bit of escapism after a day's hard work.

Trying to explain to JD what I do after work, I bought her a copy of Call of Duty a few months ago. ASDA offered COD1 for a mere £10. Unexpected result was that JD became totally hooked on the game and spent hours on end playing it. Since JD is better at almost anything she does, she excelled quite quickly and some days, it ate in to her studies.

And so it happened that a few weeks ago, JD told me she had removed Call of Duty from her PC because she realised she wasn't working hard enough. She was getting to the point of addiction I suppose. or simply too easily distracted by the availability of the game on her PC. After all, it is much more fun to play games than to study about Corporate Social Responsibility.

I thought it was a brave step. But it didn't last long. After a few weeks 'off Duty' she re-installed the game. This time on my PC so that she could play but with the little extra barrier of having to switch computers.

All went well. Until they released Call of Duty 4, Modern Warfare. Call of Duty has always been about WWII. All previous versions pitted you against the Germans. This time, they have brought the game into the 21st century.

For some reason, I am stupid and bought JD COD4 for her birthday last week. I already bought her fencing gear (of which more in a later post) but that seemed to pale in to comparison to the joy she showed when ripping the wrapping of COD4. She has not done much else since. Not a smart idea since the whole point of removing it from her PC in the first place was that she needed to study more and play less. Last night I had to drag her away from the PC when dinner was ready.

There is now a whole new meaning to the term War Widow. I know. I am one.


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