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Alison Moyet - The Turn

21 January 2008

In my stereo right now, on permanent rotation (or should I say: on my computer?), is Alison Moyet's latest offering, The Turn.

I have always liked Alison Moyet (Liked her a lot in Yazoo but her solo album Hoodoo is my favorite, eventhough she herself apparently doesn't think much of it) but nothing major. Not like I (used to) like Janis Ian or The Indigo Girls. Her greatest hits album Singles has been in my car for months and JD & I really like Whispering Your Name and Solid Wood.

At work, someone played Whispering Your Name the other day and I mentioned that I really like that song. They looked at me and said was not a surprise and infact a bit stereotypical. My quizzed look made them elaborate: Whispering Your Name is apparently a gay/lesbian anthem.

Silly me. As a lesbian I was of course supposed to know this. I was also supposed to know Alison Moyet has a big lesbian following. Erhm.....nope. Didn't know. Just liked the music. Didn't even know if she is a lesbian or not or what. Clearly I am not really 'in' withthe scene these days.

So I did some Googling and noticed she has a new album out. And then it went one better; she is touring. In Northampton no less. So I bought 2 tickets for JD and me to go and see Alison Moyet. When I came home, I found JD actually listening to Alison Moyet (Love Letters) whilst working. Speaking of timing :-) JD was very happy with the tickets and I got the new album as well. It is a really nice album. I am not sure it really is JD's thing but JD is always able to appreciate quality, even if it is not exactly her type of music.

So, you could do worse than buy The Turn on Amazon or Bol.com. Alison's music is nothing like Yazoo and the old stuff she did in the 80s. This is mature stuff with a wonderful voice. I am very much looking forward to Februari.

Update: Oh.My.God. I have just learned that Yazoo will play 4 shows later this year! Alison Moyet and Vince Clarke back together! I think I have just wet myself. I am SO going to try and get tickets for that.


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