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My Lesbian Self: Loving Annabelle

22 February 2008

Every once so often, I get a bit tired of living in a straight world. TV shows, films, books; all produced with straight couples. Fair enough as the majority of mankind is straight. Not problem with that. Just every once so often, I like to watch a film about two women meeting up, falling in love or whatever the story line is. A film where the central characters are not straight but, in a way, a bit more like me. A book where I am able to picture the love between two people in a way that relates to me.

Of course love is universal and as such, I can totally love a story about a man and a woman because the feelings are not much different. Just sometimes I would like to see two women making out on TV. Or see the tension build between two women who are clearly falling for each other but don't know it yet. You know, the regular stuff but about two women. Just so that I can skip the 'extra' step of relating to it even though it is about a man and a woman.

And so, my most recent 'Lesbian Discovery' centres around a film called "Loving Annabelle". Not being really 'in' with the lesbian crowd, I had no idea this film existed and that there is a proper cult following on the internet for this. Sometimes films get a cult status even when they problably don't really deserve it, based on their quality. But it is a sweet little film.

Annabelle is a charismatic and enchanting (read: good looking girl with great hair. Dammit I want hair like that!) new student who quickly draws attention for her rebellious behavior. Fearing Annabelle will influence the other students, Simone, the poetry teacher with the apparent will power of a wet lettuce leaf, is instructed, to keep an eye on Annabelle and get her under control.

Simone, however, quickly learns that the real challenge is not Annabelle's behavior but the attraction budding between the two. As Annabelle pursues her teacher, quite relentlessly and, a few times, really inappropriately as well (I mean, I don't think my teacher would just have given me a sweet smile or just walked away if I had put my hand on her leg in a totally suggestive way!), she unleashes the passion that has been locked deep inside Simone, who must decide whether or not to enter into an affair that could cost her everything.

I know, it sounds really bad but it is quite sweet actually. Good acting, a lot of Deep Pensive Staring, a lot of sighing and lustful looks, and when they finally do give in to temptation, it is quite hot!

The film is not really very good when you dissect it totally and there are huge leaps of imagination asked of the viewer (the Deleted Scenes on the DVD really should have stayed in the film to make stuff a lot clearer). But I don't really mind. It is a wonderful film with a nice looking actress and a really hot looking one. And they kiss in the end. So what more can I wish for but 79 minutes (yes, far too short) of immersing myself in the slightly taboo world of a 17 year old pupil hitting on her teacher.


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