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17 February 2008

Went to see Alison Moyet this week. Stunning. Absolutely fantastic. Shame about the people of Northampton being just about the most boring audience I have ever been in! Nobody really moved, claped or cheered much. Other shows haev seen great banter between Alison & the audience but not so in Northampton. I hope she knows many people still thought it was fabulous. I certainly did.

Another rugby win this week. 39-12 I think it was today. No fighting this time :-)

JD & I were celebratnig being together for 5 years. Wow. 5 years. I never thought I would ever be with anyone for 5 years. An eternity. But still nice and lovely. Up to the next 5 years. And then some. Hopefully.

On the Not so Yay front, JD's father is in hospital again. He was in earlier this month for a chest infection. They let him out but he has gone back in today because he was coughing up blood again. :-( I hope he recovers this time but, sad as that may seem, I told JD that if there are things she feels she needs to discuss with her father, she should probably do it sooner rather than later. He is 70 years old and his health is not really getting any better.


Anonymous said...

Niet uitstellen Jane.
Het kan misschien voor jouw en je vader heel verrijkend zijn.
Later zul je daar blij om zijn.
Liefs, Ria

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