31 March 2008


Damn. I was ill this weekend. Cough, splutter, fever, hot, cold, snot, phlegm and whatever else is gross. So I decided not to play rugby. I was never going to have the energy for it and the weather forecast was bad.

Of course the weather turned out just fine on Sunday and my team won 106-0. Perhaps I should stay away more often?

28 March 2008

My Gayest Look

Jay Leno, who is apparently not a stranger to slightly homophobic comments on his shows, put his foot in again whe talking to actor Ryan Phillippe. During the interview, Leno hounded Phillippe, telling him to look into the camera, pretend it was his "gay lover…Billy Bob," who "has just ridden in shirtless from Wyoming" (still milking the Brokeback Mountain jokes), and give it his "gayest look."

Phillippe refused and even threatened to walk off the stage if Leno kept going on about it. Jeff, a blogger, did not like this and in protest he sent Leno a letter with a picture of his 'gayest look'.

It turns out Jeff isn't the only one who gets annoyed with Keon's anti-gay antics and soon afterwards, more people started sending their 'gayest looks' and a website was born: mygayestlook.com.

As soon as my boss is no longer looking over my shoulder, I will send them my own Gayest Look. In the mean time, let Leno know you do not agree with his remarks and send him your own Gayest Look.

26 March 2008

Birds of America: Nice poster

Nice to know design is not completely dead in Hollywood. Just saw this lovely poster for 'Birds of America'.
Found via: Advertising is good for you

Top 10 things to say to a burglar...(if you could)

1) Wanker
2) Asshole
3) Shithead
4) Motherfucker
5) Loser
6) Cuntface
7) Die
8) Die
9) Die
10) Die right now you total fucking loser

There. Feeling much better now. In case you are wondering: this is for the bastards who came to my sister's house and stole everything they could find. She recently sold an old stereo via the internet. It was picked up by a man and a woman and in the conversation with the buyer, it was mentioned that my sister was going on holiday for a week. Innocent mistake, we can all make it. Unfortunately someone told someone and last night, they came to the house ad spent hours there, carefully taking the entire place apart and stealing all the audio/video equipment, all CDs/DVDs and all computers & laptops. They worked carefully, did not break anything but carefully unscrewed everything, collected all the remote controls and cables. They went through all the keys and took the car keys and the spare car keys. For some reason they did not take the car. Obviously they were planning to come back for that some other night.

They drew the blinds and spent hours in the house according to the police. Forensic team came around this morning and found toolmarks and a footprint. Professionals apparently as they wore gloves and brought professional tools. They were not at all worried about being disturbed during their activities. They simply worked at their own pace and carried all the kit out through the back door and the alleyway behind the house.

So let this be a warning: if you are selling your old stuff online, a burglar will know that means you have new stuff to steal. So they buy your old stuff for £200, pick it up, have a look around your house and then come back to steal all your new stuff. For an investment of £200, they come to steal £5,000 more.

25 March 2008

uninspired design...

In Tesco the other day, I spotted the shelves full of those 'neglected child-books'. You know those stories about kids who were (sexually) abused in their childhood and have somehow survived to come out the other end a better person. Tearjerkers as tey were called on the Tesco sign.

It seems that books like that all have the same cover design; a slightly blurry picture of a small child, preferably looking scared or hiding in a corner, white background and the title written in some handwriting-like font.

obviously the first book in the genre was a best seller and now they all want to be somehow linked to that book and so they make them all look the same. Saves us having to read the back of the book. Just by looking at the front, we know exactly what kind of book it is.

Butt-ugly, uninspired and unimaginative. Yegh.

3 customers...

I had to read this a few times to understand it correctly. Are they saying they are not expecting more than 3 customers wanting to visit the new store? Behold the importance of phrasing things correctly.

18 March 2008

Heather Mills is insane!

It is official. Heather Mills is insane. Don't ask me why but I have just been reading the official result their divorce settlement. You can read the full document here (PDF) if you are interested. It is worth a laugh!

I am not saying Paul McCartney is a saint but my God this woman has delusions of grandeur. She is vindictive and greedy. She should be happy with every penny she got. But no...she went in demanding around £125 million and she thought that was reasonable since Paul McCartney is worth around £800 million according to her. Yeah stupid woman! You were only married for 4 years. What makes you think you have a right to more than 1/8th of his total assets?

The judge obviously did not like the way Heather Mills behaved in court. He is quoted as saying:

He (Sir Paul) expressed himself moderately though at times with justifiable irritation, if not anger. He was consistent, accurate and honest.
I am driven to the conclusion that much of her (Heather Mills) evidence, both written and oral, was not just inconsistent and inaccurate but also less than candid.

That means he called her a liar. Good for him. Now please let this woman vanish in to thin air, never to be seen again. She wanted money. She got it. She got £24 million in fact. And still she feels she should have gotten more. How exactly did she contribute to Paul McCartney's career?

Snap Shots

I just installed a nice little tool called Snap Shots. It basically gives you a preview of each link without you having to visit that site. So you can decide if you want to go to that site or not. I am not sure I like it myself as it is rather a big window that opens with the preview. But you can turn it on and off.
Just click the Options icon (the thing that looks like a cog) in the upper right corner of the Snap Shot window and click Disable for this site (or for all sites on the internet).

Update: removed it again. Was irritating the hell out of me!

17 March 2008

New favorite film...

'Loving Annabelle' got boring pretty quickly. Only watched it 3 times.

No, I am not at the cutting edge of cinema when I tell you I am now quite liking 'Juno'. Lots of people like this film. And rightly so. It should have won an Oscar for Best Actress and not just for Best Original Screenplay. Ellen Page is fabulous but only 21 so I am obviously saying this in a totally non-sexual way!