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My Gayest Look

28 March 2008

Jay Leno, who is apparently not a stranger to slightly homophobic comments on his shows, put his foot in again whe talking to actor Ryan Phillippe. During the interview, Leno hounded Phillippe, telling him to look into the camera, pretend it was his "gay lover…Billy Bob," who "has just ridden in shirtless from Wyoming" (still milking the Brokeback Mountain jokes), and give it his "gayest look."

Phillippe refused and even threatened to walk off the stage if Leno kept going on about it. Jeff, a blogger, did not like this and in protest he sent Leno a letter with a picture of his 'gayest look'.

It turns out Jeff isn't the only one who gets annoyed with Keon's anti-gay antics and soon afterwards, more people started sending their 'gayest looks' and a website was born: mygayestlook.com.

As soon as my boss is no longer looking over my shoulder, I will send them my own Gayest Look. In the mean time, let Leno know you do not agree with his remarks and send him your own Gayest Look.


Anonymous said...

get a life deush. Have a sense of humor you queen. I was not offended.

Dutchcloggie said...

Yippee! I am a queen. I wonder if Anonymous (why no name?) left this comment on all blogs that discuss this Jay Leno thing. Deush? Urban dictionary says: "short for deushbag. someone who tends to be annoying, retarded, and or, a complete fucking fag".

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