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Top 10 things to say to a burglar...(if you could)

26 March 2008

1) Wanker
2) Asshole
3) Shithead
4) Motherfucker
5) Loser
6) Cuntface
7) Die
8) Die
9) Die
10) Die right now you total fucking loser

There. Feeling much better now. In case you are wondering: this is for the bastards who came to my sister's house and stole everything they could find. She recently sold an old stereo via the internet. It was picked up by a man and a woman and in the conversation with the buyer, it was mentioned that my sister was going on holiday for a week. Innocent mistake, we can all make it. Unfortunately someone told someone and last night, they came to the house ad spent hours there, carefully taking the entire place apart and stealing all the audio/video equipment, all CDs/DVDs and all computers & laptops. They worked carefully, did not break anything but carefully unscrewed everything, collected all the remote controls and cables. They went through all the keys and took the car keys and the spare car keys. For some reason they did not take the car. Obviously they were planning to come back for that some other night.

They drew the blinds and spent hours in the house according to the police. Forensic team came around this morning and found toolmarks and a footprint. Professionals apparently as they wore gloves and brought professional tools. They were not at all worried about being disturbed during their activities. They simply worked at their own pace and carried all the kit out through the back door and the alleyway behind the house.

So let this be a warning: if you are selling your old stuff online, a burglar will know that means you have new stuff to steal. So they buy your old stuff for £200, pick it up, have a look around your house and then come back to steal all your new stuff. For an investment of £200, they come to steal £5,000 more.


Meep said...

Wah, that is horrible! I'm so sorry to hear that had to happen to your poor sister. I hope the police will catch the thieves, even though that will be of little consolation for your sister.
I think it's very hard to feel safe again in your home after strangers have broken into it; that is such a violation of privacy - not to mention the financial loss!

Nancy said...

Tjee, dit is echt erg. Ik leef heel erg met je zuster mee. Wat naar zeg! Stelletje sukkels. Gelukkig dat ze de auto ook niet meehebben genomen.

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